1UP: The Chase Hands On Preview

1UP writes: "The Chase tells the story of Felix and Felicity, two people who meet by chance, instantly fall in love, and plan a first date for the beach. Yeah, it's a weird setup, and it's a weird game, too -- rather than saving the princess, your reason for playing is to make it to your date on time. It's like The Running Man for kids and without the extreme violence.

Apart from the trappings, the game acts like a platformer with a few twists. You move with the face buttons rather than the D-pad, which looks like it should work since your character is almost always in motion and it's up to you to guide him (or her, depending on which character you choose). You also have the ability to draw lines on the screen á la Kirby: Canvas Curse, and these act as platforms to help you make jumps and reach new areas".

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