Up to 85% off Sleeping Dogs and other Xbox One games published by Square Enix

Amazon has discounted the digital version of Just Cause 3, Just Cause 4: Reloaded, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Life is Strange 2, Sleeping Dogs and Tomb Raider at up to 85% off.

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TheRealTedCruz747d ago

If, somehow, you haven't played Sleeping Dogs at this point, it's more than worth the few bucks for admission.

The7Reaper746d ago

This. I played it for the first time a few years ago and it's absolutely amazing, it's so damn cheap now there's honestly no excuse not to play it.

porkChop746d ago

Man, I really hope SE returns to Sleeping Dogs next gen. The game was great and refreshing compared to other sandbox games like GTA. The story was top-notch, great combat, fresh setting, etc. If you haven't played it you should give it a shot.

RedDevils746d ago

Sleeping Dogs should make it way to the Switch.