Dragon Quest 12 in development according to series creator Yuji Horii

Series creator Yuji Horii recently confirmed Dragon Quest 12 is in development, having started production sometime in 2019.

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-Foxtrot574d ago

Good to hear just please, let the main character talk in this one and get him involved with the overall story

The main character in XI was so special yet he never said a word, he just went along with what everyone said or told him to do.

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Segata572d ago

Are you new to Dragon Quest?

-Foxtrot572d ago


After 11 or so games it’s annoying now

Razmiran572d ago

You always somehow have the worst takes

gangsta_red572d ago


I didn't mind with past games. But this game made it painfully obvious how annoying a silent protagonist is.

-Foxtrot572d ago

Exactly my point

This game was the tipping point for me, it's so painfully obvious now.

Fritzwochel572d ago

LOL IKR! That silent treatment. It's silly.

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Thundercat77574d ago

I love the franchise but it desperate needs a new vision. It cannot stay the same!!!

The game feels like a coloring book for kids and the main character does not even talk!!!!

If they go with the same old formula, I won't support them anymore.

Energie572d ago

Why fix if its not broke? And DQ11 proved that staying with the old formula works and DQ being finally successful in the west. Final Fantasy decided to change the formula and look what has happened to the franchise.

gangsta_red572d ago

I agree with this also. It would be nice if this new DQ did something a bit different. Anything would be a welcome change.

Energie572d ago

Oh adding something new is perfectly welcomed as long sa the core game stays intact.

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Relientk77574d ago

I know it's a long way off, but Dragon Quest XII day one when it does come out.

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The story is too old to be commented.