5 Ways That Borderlands 3 is Better Than Borderlands 2

Although many consider Borderlands 2 an all-time high for the franchise, there are at least a few ways that Borderlands 3 is better.

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Domestupidname44d ago

The Borderlands 2 damage scaling went haywire around level 30. I found the last half or so of the game and the DLC to be downright broken in parts.

Tetsujin44d ago

After reading the article, I'll come up with 5 reasons why 2 is better than 3

1. DLC added unique characters
2. Handsome Jack is voted one of the better antagonists
3. Story wasn't all over the place and at times cringe-worthy
4. Less guns means more time to tweak/buff/nerf as needed
5. NPC's were more fleshed out and played bigger parts in the story

And here's why 1 is better than 3

1. Bosses dropped legendaries 90% of the time guaranteed
2. The characters were the story, and the narration was non-linear
3. Each DLC/Expansion added something unique to the game to keep things fresh
4. Split screen was a solid 30-60 FPS with little to no issues
5. A bigger sense of accomplishment when beating a boss or part of the story

TheRealTedCruz44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

I played the entirety of one, but found Borderlands 2 far more interesting. Found the world design and characters of the original pretty bland. Things highly improved in the sequel, yet I never finished the campaign or all of the dlc. Borderlands 3 has been sitting in it's case since I bought it the day of the great redbox purge a couple weeks back. Is it good? No freaking idea lol.

Tetsujin44d ago

I completed 3, and even the first major expansion with Moxxxi and the Casino. You would think 3 would improve on a lot of what made 1 and 2 great, however a lot of us fans feel like the game is a step backwards with certain areas starting with the twins. To prevent spoilers I'll say the story is the biggest issue with the game. The story is also predictable, with a mix of "where did X come from?"

Kosic43d ago

I prefer 2 and the ore sequeal just for the story behind handsome jack.
The gameplay was great and the talent system choices in the PS was one of the best. (Athena and her shield was a blast to play).

BL3 I played up to level 15 and find the talent system boring, and the story off the vilians is hard to bare. If I wanted to watch cringe worthy kids off today. I would've download tiktok.