Vince Zampella & DICE Los Angeles Can Help EA's Disappointing Output

Escapist: "Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella is heading up DICE Los Angeles to create new game experiences that can only enrich the EA portfolio."

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sirsoliloquy48d ago

Geez, I hope so. I guess it depends on if DICE Los Angeles has the same amount of talent in it as Respawn does.

xTonyMontana48d ago

I just hope this isn't the beginning of EA doing what EA does best, throw studios (in this case Respawn) in that gigantic grave of theirs and absorb their talent into their existing studios. EA's problem isn't lack of talent or wasn't but if Zampella can handle the additional work without it effecting the quality of Respawn, it can only be a good thing. If you check out some of his interviews, there is one thing that is very clear, he doesn't take no bullshit and considering how EA's execs are, that is very encouraging.