Most Disappointing Game of 2019

VGChartz's Craig Snow: "Sometimes it's a case of genuine disappointment, other times it's a feeling of just schadenfreude, but each year there are several games that fail miserably to meet expectations. This year's shortlist is a fitting mix of the two. From Kojima's latest mega high profile release - and first project post-Konami - to Sumo Digital finally managing to push out Crackdown 3 (although whether they should have bothered at all was quickly brought into question). If you're only ever happy when it rains then this award is for you. Enjoy!"

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gangsta_red382d ago

I'm one of the people that was actually excited for Anthem. It looked great when it was first shown off.

I didn't pick it up even when I said I would. And I'm glad I didn't.

Death Stranding on another disappointing list, has to be one of the most polarizing games of this gen.

Crackdown 3, yeah, I defended the tech and it turned out to be one of the most disappointing games to come out for Xbox. They definitely need a do over with that game.

MasterCornholio382d ago

"They definitely need a do over with that game."

And certainly don't let Sumo Digital make it.

Babadook7382d ago

Death stranding most disappointing? lol. Seems fishy. It’s also won the most game of the year awards.

JackBNimble382d ago

Death Stranding even made Jim Sterling's top 10 shittiest games of the year.
Angry Joe didn't even fall for the hype and rated it 7/10.

mikeslemonade381d ago

Sekiro is the most dissapointing game because it’s all about parrying and it’s not better than Bloodborne or DS3.

xX-oldboy-Xx381d ago

Jack - A 7 from Joe ain't bad, and Jim is an eclectic cat - I'll leave it at that.

But remember they are only opinions, not facts.

Dragonscale381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

@mikes, but you said action rpg's send you to sleep lol.

MasterCornholio381d ago


It seems like you are all replying to the wrong person.


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coolbeans382d ago

-"I'm one of the people that was actually excited for Anthem. It looked great when it was first shown off."

Yeah, XBL friend convinced me to jump on that train early and our collective enthusiasm fizzled out at roughly the same time (~3-4 hours of play).

DaDrunkenJester382d ago

I still enjoyed CD3 for it basically being an updated version of the first game, but the cloud destruction being scaled back so much was a big disappointment.

isarai382d ago

Wasn't even as good as the first one

Kribwalker382d ago

yeah i had fun co-op’ing the campaign, the multiplayer was fun for the first dozen games then the lack of progression and maps and game modes really killed it.

xX-oldboy-Xx381d ago

It still had cloud destruction? Either it was woeful in presentation and execution.

"Crackdown 3 is coming along nicely"

Straight from the forked tongue of Phil Spencer himself, he actually said that with a straight face.

DaDrunkenJester381d ago


Yes the MP still had the destruction, but it was scaled back a lot

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Godmars290382d ago

"Crackdown 3, yeah, I defended the tech"

Because it actually use the tech it promoted?

gangsta_red382d ago

Because it was exciting to see something new in games that could potentially be used more.

xX-oldboy-Xx381d ago

Now being lied to is exciting - call'em out mate, they peddled that tech demo for years.

Building hype within their customer base, knowing full well they couldn't deliver.

victorMaje382d ago

I remember Anthem’s announcement trailer, it got me very excited & intrigued. My hype for this game was constantly growing as time went on.
Then I played the open beta, never bought the game.

Kubark381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

I followed Death Stranding for years. No matter how times people said "It's a walking simulator", I told myself there's more to it and that Kojima must be hiding something. Turns out they were right and I was engaging in wishful thinking.

coolbeans381d ago

Thank you! Your case is something I'm often reminding people of, because you certainly weren't the only one. Several prominent users here framed DS's previews as "Kojima keeping things so close to his chest" and went on to praise him.

Godmars290381d ago

"Because it was exciting to see something new in games that could potentially be used more."

Only it was too much. Was obviously too ambitious from a company known for showing off tech too early. Cloud tech wasn't going to be a key feature for CD3, CD3 was going to be a showcase game from cloud tech. Only the tech wasn't ready then, its still not ready, yet MS was showing off CD3 as if the tech was going to be ready to do what it needed to do on the original announced date CD3 was going to launch.

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CrimsonWing69382d ago

Geezus Death Stranding isn’t a bad game...

-Foxtrot382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

It's not a "Bad Game" list though, it's a disappointing one

Disappointing games can still be good, however with hype or if someone big is attached to it people might have expectations that just don't get met when they finally play it. Some might just find it an average game, not amazing or terrible.

So yeah the list isn't saying it's a Bad Game.

Fluttershy77381d ago

Agree is not a list about bad games. That said... it is a bad game

RememberThe357381d ago

But how could anyone really be disappointed when we had no idea what the damn game was and the showed us exactly what we were getting before hand?

averagejoe26381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

It's one of my favorite game of all time and it received more perfect scores in 2019 than any other game released.

I wouldnt say that's disappointing for me or most critics.


How does a bad game receive more perfect scores than every other game?

-Foxtrot381d ago


People need to stop the whole “it got more perfect scores” etc

Metacritic and user scores aren’t the best.

I hate people trashing the game, no joke but I also hate people pretending it’s absolutely perfect

Rachel_Alucard381d ago (Edited 381d ago )

That just shows how terrible 2019 is for games if you have to break it down to a game got more perfect scores then the others, yet still reached the lower bottom of an 80 on Metacritic.

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DaDrunkenJester382d ago

Not a bad game, just a really disappointing one.

Ricegum382d ago

You didn't play it though. And you've literally just said you enjoyed Crackdown. Noone will take your biased opinion seriously.

generic-user-name381d ago

It had a huge impact on you in 2019.

381d ago
DaDrunkenJester381d ago (Edited 381d ago )


But I have played Death Stranding. And CD3 campaign was fun, I enjoyed CD1 as well and 3 was basically a prettier bigger version of that.

I wouldn't put it in any best of lists though for sure.

DaDrunkenJester381d ago


It did have a big impact on me. It made me realize that Kojima isnt perfect. I was hoping he would come back strong after the disappointing MGSV and kill it with DS, but dang this game was not for me. I would have rather played MGSV again...

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TheGamez100382d ago

Right its not bad, its just disappointing because of how overly hyped the game was because of of the overly hyped Kojima.

TheRealTedCruz382d ago

It's a Divisive game. Some love it. Some hate it. I'm sure there were many Kojima fans that it didn't click with, thus disappointment ensued. Doesn't have to be a bad game in order to not be your sort of experience.

UltraNova382d ago

I was sucked in Death Stranding, especially from chapter 3. The best story I've experienced in 2019. The gameplay was ok once I learned everything. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kornholic381d ago

I've played the game for 30 hours now and it's still as tedious and onerous as it was in the beginning. Am I still supposed to assume that the gameplay will magically get good and satisfying to play at some point?

RememberThe357381d ago

Sounds like you put 30 hours into a game you fundamentally don't like.

DaDrunkenJester381d ago

It doesn't get any better. It only gets slightly less annoying as you build and unlock better transportation.

Knushwood Butt381d ago

If you don't like it now that's not going to change unless some boss fights with weapons are all it takes, or using a vehicle to deliver instead of going on foot.

I'm currently about 165 hours in, player level 315.

Kornholic381d ago

The vehicles make the game even worse since the physics are ridiculous.

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bluefox755382d ago

Game is awesome. What else can you say? This is obviously nonsense.

timotim382d ago

Which game are you referring to?

381d ago
SyntheticForm382d ago

I wasn't disappointed in Crackdown 3 because it was exactly as I expected. I wasn't at all disappointed in Death Stranding - was pleasantly surprised.

I was quite disappointed in Days Gone. I love post-apocalyptic games (especially in idyllic settings) and this was coming from a Sony first party studio. Recipe for greatness, I thought. Boy was I wrong.

I had already grown weary of games such as Destiny, so Anthem never really sparked my interest but I admit that I was a bit curious, it being from Bioware and such. Glad I stepped back from that ledge.

Rage was also disappointing to me. Yes, the game play was smooth and solid, but it felt so uninspired. I actually enjoyed Mad Max more.

isarai382d ago

I thought it was fun as hell, not really sure what people were expecting from it to find it so disappointing

snoopgg381d ago

I read so many bad reviews of Days gone. I put this game in and loved it. The graphics were beautiful on the pro. The gameplay was solid and story was just like any other zombie game released in 2019. I hated how so called gamers who like state of decay 2 , suddenly had a negative opinion about a sony game in the same genre.

DaDrunkenJester381d ago

State of Decay and Days Gone are very different.

CaptainHenry916382d ago (Edited 382d ago )

I actually thought Death Stranding was great. I put in over 50 hours even though it started off slow I still liked it especially the story. Crackdown 3 was disappointing. The power of the cloud was power of lies from Microsoft and power of 💩💩