10 Best Shooter Games of the Decade

Gamerheadquarters; "The decade is wrapped up, the 2010’s are already behind us. One genre has consistently seen released titles throughout that period of time, so here are the best Shooter Games of the decade."

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ShockUltraslash422d ago

Who puts CoD above Doom?
Cod has reloading and other horrible stuff boggling down the battle system.

RazzerRedux422d ago

Seriously. Doom is a marvel of software engineering that runs smooth as silk and is the cream of the crop when it comes to shooters, imo.

ShinRon422d ago

spec ops was great but not because of its shooter elements.

bacrec1422d ago

I dont get the Fortnite craze. Still a solid list.

Segata422d ago

My faves.
Binary Domain
EX Troopers
Lost Planet 2
WolfenStein II

monkey602422d ago

Omg you reminded of Binary Domain! I couldn't wait to play that game and even bought it years. It's still in plastic somewhere! I need to get on that soon!

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