Gears Of War 2 Scoring Winning Reviews Around The Net

Marcus Fenix's latest adventure lives up to the hype according to most critics.

With Gears of War 2 already having sold over two million units since its release last week, clearly the game had enough hype to send sales skyrocketing. But did the game actually live up to all that excitement? Sports Legends took a look at reviews from around the web, including their own, to figure it out. Check out Sports Legends to see a summary of what others have been saying about Gears of War 2.

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jaysquared3676d ago

Gears 2 have surpassed my expectation but they really need to fix the online issues!

thebudgetgamer3676d ago

its not the second comming or anything but still quality is quality


Man_of_the_year3676d ago

Totally agree. The story in Gears 2 is awesome and i feel the side story of Dom searching for his wife is an absolutely great story.

I have played through the game 3 times now, thats 3 more times than i played MGS4. I just felt the story was more interesting....but hey...i also love movies like Alien, Aliens, Predator, Ironman, Batman, Event horizon, Independence day, all the Die know, all the GUY movies that are packed non-stop with action, car chases, explosions....Just my taste.

thebudgetgamer3676d ago

game on my fellow gamer and sometime advicery game on


Death3676d ago

I'm just now finishing up my first tour on normal so I can unlock Insane. I am vry happy with the way the story was told this time. It is much better fleashed out and refined. I did a double take at the end of Dom's side story at first and was oddly relieved when reality sunk in. That's some twisted stuff. Kinda like Tai. ;)


DiabloRising3676d ago

I can't say I really cared for the story personally. The gameplay is pretty tight and well refined when compared to the original, and co-op is something that every game should make a priority of having as its so well done here. But the story? I don't see it as anything special. Much of it just felt forced to me, and the appearance of characters like the Locust Queen never being explained set it up as an obvious middle title in a trilogy, which I can't really fault it for I suppose.

Gears is best as an action hero movie cliche, it does that great. Trying to shoehorn in drama feels too... lame. Still, doesn't drag the game down all things considered. But so far I could never care for Marcus or his friends in the way that I do Solid Snake or Aerith.

PATthePlague3675d ago

Gears 2 has a great campaign mode but the boss battles suck. After watching trailers for the boss with the chainsaw spear (skorge), I was pumped. But when you play it, the battle is weak. Also the last boss in the game is a major leaugue disappointment. I hate reviews now because they are part of the hype machine. The multiplayer is the worst part of the game and reviews never mention these flaws. For example, you can't really pick what game mode you want to play in a public match. You can only pick the game type. If you want to play warzone, you have to pick elimination game type that includes execution, warzone, and team leader. Then you vote and pry that everybody votes for warzone. That's bullshit. Also in horde mode, if i want to continue at the wave that i last left off on, like wave 28 out of 50 i can't in a public match. i have to start over. That's stupid. Matchmaking takes a year and a day to load and there is lag like nobody's business but all the reviews fail to mention any of this. So who cares if it sold 2 million, because i still can do what i could do in so many other multiplayer games. Its sad because gears of war was one of my favorite games.

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buy a ps33676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I don't really care about reviews any more I just use them to see if the game flopped.
I did not like GTA4 that much along with the small amide of gears 2 i played.
review do not determine whether that game is fun or not.

anubis123676d ago

did you not here how many copies gears sold in a weekend?....if you heard...then you do not even need a review for that my friend.

buy a ps33676d ago

Wii play has been on the top ten selling games for a long time now and it sucks sales mean nothing.

the wii is selling more then any other console on the market does that mean that it is the best system? I think not.

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iggypop1233676d ago

who said the story was great? during a part of the story i was laughing my ass off with dom's serious moment. i think its during the first 2 acts. mad about maria. hilarious. also when dizzy(cowboy) screams when you fail to pass a bridge. its the best part of the game

darkgunner3676d ago

Oh look I can be a hard guy too! I don't have emotions and laugh at sad parts of games/movies/life! Yay for masculinity!

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