10 Heroines From the Last Decade That Are Now Legends

Nelia writes: "Heroines have come and gone from 2010 to 2019. Here's a list of the very best from this decade that we think are pretty amazing."

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Exvalos752d ago

Think you have to have more then 1 game and some years behind you to be a Legend. Some of these chicks are awesome for sure like Aloy and Cassandra but again 1 game and there games are not even that old.

FinalAeonX752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

AC Odyssey is the textbook definition of mediocre. Most underwhelming game in terms of story and characters I have ever played.

Both main characters were insufferable dumbasses.

Terry_B752d ago

Legendary characters? Lol. That list is a bad joke.

Abnor_Mal752d ago

Although I own the series on PS4 I haven't gotten around to playing, so I'm going to ask the question.

Should Commander Sheppard be on the list as the character is not truly female or male but just a skin to play as either?

Is the characterization for each any different from the other? Are dialogue choices different because you play as a female?