Ten Wonderful Games on Xbox Game Pass

Cade writes: "Here are ten of the most wonderful games you can currently play on Xbox Game Pass."

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gangsta_red1132d ago

Started playing Battlechasers and so far it's a good little RPG.

Creature in the Well...i tried for a minute and I like the concept, it's definitely new but I just couldn't stick with it.

Game Pass is such a great service. Trying out a lot of games that I would never have before.

Dragonborn123451132d ago

Gamepass!! The reason xbox is still relevant today!

MadLad1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

Getting an X, with game pass, is a pretty solid investment, being you're still getting the best 3rd party releases for console. I've been loving my Pro, but being a PC guy, I'm not exactly jumping on board many 3rd party games, unless I'm getting them on the cheap.

Bronxs151131d ago

You’re right. When you think about it the one x is expensive but getting it with game pass and it’s pretty much the ultimate Xbox experience for someone who’s never had an Xbox. You can get the one x and game pass and play thru the halo series with mcc. The gears series with gears ultimate edition up to gears 5. Play the best Forza horizon. Also some good Xbox one generatygamea like sunset overdrive, ryse, quantum break. And also some 360 gems like viva piñata, kameo, banjo kazoo games (the originals plus buts and bolts). And some great 3rd party hits as well.

Bronxs151131d ago

GP is the reason I’m playing my Xbox A LOT more than my PS4. And why I’m more excited for the series x than PS5.

Endyo1132d ago

It's a bit disappointing more of these that are also PC games aren't also on the PC version, but I guess being only $5 they have to make some cuts.

Obscure_Observer1131d ago


Publishers will always preffer console players as their primary target userbase.

That´s why you ralely see any AAA games announced exclusive for PC unlike how things used to be in the past in PS2/XBOX generation and earlier PS3/ 360 days. Next gen will only start for PC when consoles say so.

Endyo1131d ago

It's actually hilarious you mention that since all but one of the ten games mentioned here was released on PC on the same date or BEFORE any console release... lol

PETE19851132d ago

Witcher 3 should be on this list.

Abnor_Mal1132d ago

With Sonys first party game MLB The Show going third party this year, it will be interesting to see if it ever appears on Gamepass.

IanTH1132d ago

It will show up on other platforms "as early as 2021", so we won't know for a while yet.

Abnor_Mal1132d ago

So others will have to wait till 2021 to play MLB The Show20. That's a bit odd.

IanTH1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )

No, I just don't think this years (2020) title will be available for any other platforms. It will be the following years' title that will be available for all/other platforms.

Abnor_Mal1132d ago

Ooooh okay, I got you. Good looks.

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