Competitive Multiplayer: Is It Really Necessary?

Paul writes: "I've laid my gaming soul bare. I feel like I've been to an AA meeting - "My name is Paul, and I hate competitive multiplayer!"."

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Zombieburger63852d ago

I love great coop games like l4d but competitive like halo holds a special place in my heart.

Echo_53d ago

It is necessary to those who enjoy it. Gamers tend to project their own selfish needs on others.

There's an audience for every game genre, mode or type.

instantstupor52d ago

I think what he was trying to say, and failed to do between both the title and the article, is that not all games that are mostly single player or co-op need multiplayer modes. I get that publishers and devs want to hit the widest range of gamers, and cater to all types, but generally the basis for one type doesn't usually adapt well to all types.

It's obviously absurd as hell to say that competitive multiplayer wouldn't be necessary period. There are too many games that are solely competitive multiplayer that are top of the charts, and there because people enjoy them. The article just feels, all around, sloppy.

traumadisaster52d ago

Like the guy said above you, make anything, add mp to whatever, there is usually an audience somewhere in gaming.

Atom66653d ago

I agree that co-op is great, as are SP experiences. We shouldn't forget that competive MP has been at the heart of gaming from the beginning, though.

Whether it was true versus MP like table tennis/pong, or it was besting each other's scores on SP cabinets, gamers' competive natures have driven the industry over the decades as much as anything else.

The market is so large now, all tastes are well accounted for. Some people don't enjoy these competitive modes and others only play MP. The best thing about modern gaming is that we all can enjoy so many different things.

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monkey60252d ago

I love single player games and competitive online multiplayer. I don't care much for co-op games. Like you said theres a broad enough scope for all preferences

TheEnigma31352d ago

So because paul hates it he thinks it’s unnecessary. I don’t know why i choose to click on opinion pieces when i know there’s a 85% change of me getting annoyed.

TK-6652d ago

Basically, he doesnt like any multiplayer game that doesnt rely on making the team co-operate, and this is fine if he then didn't go on to praise games that have some of the weakest teamwork elements in the industry.

"I’ve never been able to get into is any of the Call of Duty franchise. The multiplayer fraternity on these games is famously full of kids, trolls and those who take a fancy for my mother – to paraphrase the messages that I have received. With the gameplay being firmly on the arcade end of the scale, it seems that the gamer with the fastest reflexes usually wins, and I’m now far too old to be able to compete in any meaningful way. I think this was why I preferred the Battlefield games to the CoD games; the emphasis in Battlefield is more on teamwork, so it does have that little bit of cooperation in the midst of the chaos. Why can’t we all just get along, eh?"

Battlefield has some of the weakest teamwork elements when it comes to online games. Just because it has more than COD doesnt make it a good team game. The author doesnt even acknowledge how some team games, when they require high amounts of cooperation, actually go the other way and end up generating toxicity when a player doesnt pull their weight. That's the problem with games media when they write these little opinion essays; they never actually explore the full range of the topic.

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The story is too old to be commented.