PS4 Games Should be Enhanced on Playstation 5

Gamerheadquarters; "With the Playstation 5 arriving this year, and backwards compatibility being supported it would be great if PS4 titles featured some sort of enhancement to them. In the past, some titles are carried over but owners have to repurchase them."

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ABizzel1470d ago

I agree, hopefully there's an patch to at minimum enhance all PS4 games to up to 4K resolution, but moreso, a Performance mode patch to male games run at 60fps on the biggest games / exclusives to come to the console.

darthv72470d ago

I'd imagine they will run at their most optimal settings by default. Meaning the PS5 hardware will remove any restrictions and allow the games to run as they intended. No dropped or torn frames and no dynamic resolution scaling (checkerboarding).

SyntheticForm470d ago

I think developers must actually patch in updates; the console doesn't automatically update games I'm quite sure. Certain small issues could be automatically smoothed over such as loading times.

Not sure about anything else.

bouzebbal470d ago

They look amazing ps4 games.. Games could be enhanced like they are running on pro. But I won't expect more than that

ilikestuff470d ago

Enhancements would be nice but just let alll the PlayStation games work on the ps5 and I’ll be happy, I wanna play fight night and I’m not buying a ps3 just to play one game

DaReapa469d ago

"Enhancements would be nice but just let alll the PlayStation games work on the ps5 and I’ll be happy,..."


SkatterBrain469d ago

theres a problem that not all games have animation made to run at 60fps like drive club if were forced to run double speed then some things would look like fast forwarding a movie thd sounds might not sync up to whats happening on screen

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locomorales470d ago

I hope that guy keeps this opinion when Switch 2 arrives.

Sono421470d ago

I think we both know that won't happen, but in all honestly i'm just expecting it to be the same thing the pro does for PS4 games that don't have a patch specifically for the pro, they just run a bit smoother, anything more than that and I will be really happy.

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rob-GP470d ago

Doubtful. Without actively altering the game code (of all 3k+ games), the games won't push past what we saw on the Pro in terms of resolution and framerates. Think PS4 to PS4 Pro via boost mode. Games will have a smoother framerate and less use of the dynamic resolution thanks to the overhead, but enhancements like new textures, higher resolutions, and doubling the framerate will require updates from devs - which usually is a charged service on consoles (publishers pay to update games).

Also, don't forget that the majority of games are no longer supported by devs and publishers, those will never get updates either. If any get updates then they'll be popular games and recent releases.

the only reason the Xbox did this with a handful of 360 games (as I know it'll be brought up) is that each game was wrapped in its own emulation wrapper where a team of people had customised the emulation around the game and done the enhancements for the developers. I highly doubt Sony will do this because it'll cost a lot of money and it'll mean an emulated 'bc' rather than a true bc, true will open up the console to play every single game day one.

darthv72470d ago

I hope you are right because as it is they omitted CD support from their bluray drive and that means the entirety of the PS1 library and a sizeable portion of PS2 would be unplayable. Sony may take the same approach and just make the discs validate and then the system downloads a digital version that is compatible. Either way it is nice they are returning some form of bc to the platform seeing as they said no for the PS4. I have a feeling there will not be hardware BC (except for PS4) so any form of bc (even software) is considered emulated.

traumadisaster470d ago

Handful of 360 games? There are dozens and dozens dude. There are more than a handful on the OG Xbox, at least a dozen there too.

rob-GP470d ago

@darth - they didn't include any support to play CD Audio this gen (as it would have required an app) but the drive technically still reads CDs.

@Trauma - compared to the 360 library, only a handful had Xbox one X enhancements - I'm not counting the emulated ones at native resolutions (which was the vast majority of the BC titles) but I'm on about the ones manually optimised by MS to run at a higher resolution than the original release.

gamer7804469d ago

anything thats coded to be at a dynamic resolution should be default run at the same fps and 4k, that should be a given. I'm uncertain if a ps4 game does checkerboard rendering if it can be automatically converted to true 4k without a patch of some sort.

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isarai470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Im guessing it'll be the same as when the pro came out. Some devs will patch in enhanced features, with a likely system level "Boost Mode" for ones without a specific patch.

Rude-ro470d ago

It just depends on the engines...
Thankfully, Sony focused on this early and began putting all the pieces together..
My point, early games like the order, killzone etc would need support..
Where as horizon, gran turismo, dreams, god of war, last of us etc were all built on future proof new scalable engines.

Almost every dev built new engines this gen. Gg, Santa Monica, polygon, naughty dog, sucker punch, etc...
Going to be fantastic per output on the ps5

traumadisaster470d ago

More like focused on it late. Those you did mention are not guaranteed to auto boost, just u talking sheet. No devs have confirmed jack

Rude-ro470d ago


Perhaps some intelligence in your point?
What I stated is known fact.
Microsoft is still using engines from last gen and they just upgrade the tools to enhance those engines per gen.
Ie crackdown 3 looking/playing no differently from the first iteration.. just more pixels.

IRetrouk470d ago

Dude we have had interviews with devs telling us their engines are scalable, gt sport has been seen and played by wired running on the ps5 to show off controller features and was also used to show off a massive 8k 80 inch tv, the game was running at 120fps.

Profchaos470d ago

I'm will be up to the Devs entirely but there's no reason that we couldn't see games become enhanced for ps5 eg if rockstar make enough from red dead 2 and it's multiplayer store they may patch the ps5 edition to the PC level of graphics and performance while letting you continue your playthrough on a ps5.

Ubi is looking into just this with rainbow six siege as they don't want to segregate the community but still want to support enhancements that the ps5 will bring

Neonridr470d ago

If PS4 titles are enhanced, then what would be the purpose of selling a PS5 version of a game?

Lon3wolf470d ago

I don't think they will enhance it to that level (but who knows)

Neonridr470d ago

yeah, we still don't know. I mean for a game like Last of Us 2 for example. No doubt we will see a PS5 version of the game, but will the PS4 version enhance the game to parity? Or will we be required to double-dip?

Donnie81470d ago

Neon you know Sony will make you pay for a ps5 version. They have been selling people ps2 games again and again for years

instantstupor469d ago

@Donnie81 - Only partially true. Every previous generation of PlayStation has had some level of backwards compatibility, only the PS4 recently broke that trend. Even the Vita could play PSP games. Even then, the PS4 also had crossbuy on certain titles, where one purchase got you the PS4/PS3/PSV versions.

My suspicion is that if you buy digitally, you'll get the PS4 and PS5 versions of a game. If you buy physically, you can either upscale that PS4 game as-is, or you will have to leave the disc in (like XBO does for backwards compatible 360 games) and then be able to download the PS5 game to your hard drive, just needing the disc to prove you own it.

There's no way they will have you buy it twice, it would be publicity suicide. XBO has rallied hard around compatibility, and you can bet that message will carry through to the Series X - we already know One games will be playable on X in some fashion. If Sony fails to offer the same thing, that would be a terrible comparison point to have at the start of a generation - I simply can't see it happening.

Smokehouse470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Lol what? Like a remaster you mean?

Neonridr470d ago

Like TLOU2 for example. You don't think they won't sell a PS5 version of the game?

Smokehouse470d ago

Oh ok. It probably won’t matter for new games. The disc will probably be the same. I think he’s talking about enhancing the old PS4 games like the Xbox series x does. You can’t get the enhancements unless you have the system.

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crazyCoconuts470d ago

I'm guessing they'll stick with separate media for PS5 versions. Maybe UHD disks will be needed for bigger assets. Maybe for a handful of games they will "upgrade" to PS5 for free if you insert the PS4 disk. They did that for Battlefield IV - I had to insert the PS3 disk into my PS4. I'm guessing they'll do that for their 2019-2020 exclusives. Third party producers would be case by case depending on their sales outlook.

Neonridr470d ago

it's the one thing they haven't addressed yet. As a current PS4 owner it will be interesting to see if any games that have dual releases (PS4 & PS5) will be different in any ways. Obviously games that get full remasters for the PS5 are different and not what I am discussing here.

darthv72470d ago

i seem to recall that upgrade from ps3 to ps4 was like $10. I thought it was a neat approach and wondered why more games didnt offer that sort of thing. For a minimal fee, you get a better version of the game on newer hardware or you can stick to using the existing one on the original platform.

As it is, this is how the compatible 360 games work on the xbo for free. Disc validation yields you the ability to dl an enhanced version with better IQ and playability.

crazyCoconuts470d ago

@darth, come to think of it I do remember a small fee. Seems fair to me

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