From 'Titanfall' to 'Star Wars,' the evolution of game studio Respawn mirrors our search for story

If anything should put Vince Zampella at ease, one would assume it would be the topic of video game warfare. Zampella, one of the most recognizable figures of the modern gaming era, is after all responsible for much video game carnage.

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Fluttershy77532d ago

Respawn excels at everything, but the thing that they are REALLY good at is in their art department

execution17532d ago

So he's gonna go to the good Dice team

annoyedgamer532d ago

Im suprised EA did that. Its not like them. First Star Wars now this.

Xaevi532d ago

Ngl I thought they were going to stick to shooters, but I'm glad they didn't. I like when devs don't stick to just one genre. I hope they make all sorts of games across different genres and budgets, and continue being creative rather than growing stale. Of course I hope EA doesn't bury em alive aswell.