Microsoft's understated Xbox Series X reveal says a lot about its future

The Xbox Series X was a blip on the radar of The Game Awards, not a showstopper at a show like E3. Will that harm the console going into next-gen, or does Microsoft have other ideas?

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Christopher426d ago

It's been almost non-stop talk about the XSX since then when people aren't arguing about Death Stranding. I wouldn't call that a blip on the radar.

Nitrowolf2426d ago

I think it's meaning more so it came unexpected, it was a "blip" announcement that it would be at Game Awards.

But yeah, nonstop talk since then. It's gonna be like this all year

AmUnRa424d ago

Nah, i don't, i think when the PS5 specs will be around the internet will be like a 100 meters high Tsunami that will keep on roling for months😉

Obscure_Observer425d ago

I think the author lives in a parallel earth. Lol

Rude-ro424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

It’s non stop media coverage and pr fluff..
It’s paid to “be talked about”...
What the majority of possible consumers are saying is enough with an unproven company trying to stay relevant.

They need to prove themselves. Ie deliver.
There is no taking microsoft on their words after 9 years of lies, disappointment, and deceitful approaches.

King_Noctis424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

“It’s non stop media coverage and pr fluff..
It’s paid to “be talked about”

So now paid advertisements is a bad thing? And you are here right now, on an Xbox SX article talking about it, so are you being paid?

Smh 🤦‍♂️

derek424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

Agreed. These articles just parrot the nonsence MS spouts with no critical analysis. All of a sudden console sales mean nothing when the most irrelevant company in the console game has their sales collapse to the point where they stop giving out any numbers.

King_Noctis424d ago

“ their sales collapse to the point where they stop giving out any numbers”

And those numbers benefit you in what way? So you can use it to mock them when they sell less than the PS4?

RazzerRedux424d ago

The response hasn't been a blip, but the reveal wasn't some dedicated mega-event. That's what the author is saying.

Christopher424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

I don't think that's what they meant at all. And if they did, it doesn't make sense. No one cares how much time is spent, and in fact "more time" wouldn't have been better but likely worse. Let alone radar measures size and distance, and the news was far from a blip no matter how much time it spent on stage.

" a blip on the radar of The Game Awards, not a showstopper at a show"

It's the most talked about item from The Game Awards, the biggest news out of it, therefore not a blip on the radar of TGA. It wasn't a show stopper, but what is in this day and age?

RazzerRedux424d ago (Edited 424d ago ) is exactly what he says in the article:

"With all that said, it makes sense that the console reveal was at The Game Awards and not its own stage."

I think you are misreading his point. It isn't about the response at all. It was a three minute announcement at a gaming awards show vs an hour long dedicated presentation like with Xbox One.

"The Xbox Series X was a blip on the radar of The Game Awards, not a showstopper at a show like E3."

"Like E3". You missed that part. He didn't say the announcement "wasn't a show stopper". He is saying a major event at E3 revealing the next Xbox would have been a "show stopper".

CaptainObvious878424d ago

If by 'non stop talk' you mean, non stop paid shill articles, I agree.

S2Killinit424d ago

I think if you are comparing it to one game, you are setting the bar pretty low. It was definitely big news but for a reveal it was rather subdued. A “blip” might be exaggerating but a big bang it was not.

derek424d ago

@King_Noctis nobody needs MS to disclose the actual Xbox numbers to know or mock how poorly they've done this generation. Why anyone would take anything MS says too seriously regarding where the industry is going is beyond me, when they cant even be honest about how Xbox is doing now.

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AngelicIceDiamond425d ago

A blip on the radar would mean nobody was talking about it. When quite a few were talking about it. A MS event would of been bigger definitely than the VGA's that's for sure. I think MS just wanted to get the announcement out the way for competition reasons. Sony is rumored for a PS5 announcement at CES, hopefully they'll have a full event their instead of MS drive by reveal like at the VGA's.

darthv72425d ago

At CES...? Man there havent been big gaming announcements at CES since the creation of E3. Otherwise CES was the place to be for such things. And I used to love how there were two CES each year.

425d ago
darthv72425d ago

^not trolling. I really dont remember the PS3 at CES. But you are correct, even though that was more about Bluray and HDDVD than the PS3. It was mentioned as being bluray enabled but the full reveal was at E305

xX-oldboy-Xx424d ago

darth72 - Cory Barlog tweeted he'll be attending his first CES next week. And Sony has a hashtag - #SonyCES and below it 'the future is coming'.

So there's a chance, a slim chance - but a chance nonetheless.

Godmars290425d ago

Would think a "full event" would entail system specs if not tech demos.

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ApocalypseShadow425d ago

**Simply put, the focus hasn’t been on the console for quite a while, and it probably won’t change in the new year.**

That better change going into next gen. Do those other things. But focus on what matters. Don't just dabble in HD DVD or Kinect or MR, etc. Focus on the console. Go all in or go home. Console Gamers can tell when there's no focus. PC is different because it does so many other things than just games.

Microsoft is getting their 15 minutes though. No doubting that. They felt that showing something first will get a leg up on Sony who did that to them in 2013. Because Microsoft no longer has a first mover advantage. It's a nice looking console. But I still don't like offset analog sticks. Also, a less powerful and cheaper alternative next gen Xbox is a bad idea. Just keep Xbox one x as the cheaper model going forward if that's the case. And possibly stream next gen games to one x for a fee. Native players would buy Series X for direct playing.

The only problem is, Sony has outsold Microsoft with less power, more power, being on the market first, being on the market second, launching at the same time, at a higher price, harder to program for and with an even more powerful competing product on the market with the X. They had no choice but to say something sooner or get left behind when Sony announces theirs.

**We’re entering a new era of gaming, where wars between console and PC fade into the background**

There was never a war between the two article writer. PC has had and will have the advantage because of its multi use, amount of software and modification ability. If there was a war, the peace treaty would have been signed in the first 10 minutes. Because the battle would have been over with Sony being the last man going down fighting. But boy would that have been a hellava fight. Because Sony has a good right jab, a left hook and a roundhouse kick. And Nintendo is that small, scrappy fighter that just keeps punching. Microsoft would have went to the bookies to bet on PC before the fight started.

Chris12424d ago

Apocalypse, here you are spouting nonsense on another Xbox article. This time you say MS had no choice but to announce before Sony, or get left behind. But if Sony announced first you would have said MS got caught with their pants down and then had to rush their announcement.

You can't help but slate Xbox on every article that no-one is fooled by your Sony PR any more. Still, maybe they will send you a free PS5 for all your hard work.

chiefJohn117424d ago (Edited 424d ago )

"PC is different because it does so many other things than just games"
*Looks at Xbox*.....*looks backs at PC*......*looks at apocalypse* 😑 just stop talking dude. I didn't even read the rest of that nonsense cause I know it's more BS that you usually spit. Judging by Chris comment looks like I'm correct 😂

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