20 Incredible Video Game Soundtracks We Were Blessed With This Past Decade

Nelia writes: "Video game soundtracks can either make or break a video game. And sometimes they do some pretty great things. Here's a list of the very best."

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jeb6950d ago

I love game soundtracks. Journey definitely one of the best to listen to without even playing. So is Skyrim The Elder Scrolls.

greysun12350d ago

I wish I can relive Journey by wiping my memory

DarXyde50d ago

Nier, God of War, and Persona 5 all made the list!

I'm content.

Elda50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

My favorite soundtracks from videogames that I've played this past decade were 2010 FFXIII,2017 Persona 5 & 2019 Death Stranding.