Breath of the Wild Fan Spends Two Years Building Replicas of the In-Game Weapons

One Zelda fan has gone out of his way to create his own real-life arsenal of weapons that come straight from the massive, open-world adventure game.

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diepdiep297d ago

Very cool replicas. I especially like Ganondorf’s glowing sword.

greysun123297d ago

I wish I was half as talented lol

Wasabi297d ago (Edited 297d ago )

I wonder if they'll all break within thirty seconds of picking them up?


jaymacx297d ago

I was about to say the same thing haha.

These are fakes! They don’t break!

lellkay297d ago

Was about to say the same thing.

Neonridr297d ago

most of my really good weapons I just hung on the wall in my house because I didn't want to lose them once they broke.

for the love of god, give us a blacksmith or something in the sequel that can repair weapons / armor.

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