Hey, Microsoft, it's time to take Xbox localization seriously

Microsoft has been keen to mention in recent interviews its intent to reach "two billion gamers," looking eastward beyond its Anglocentric home markets. But Microsoft fails at even the most basic attempts at localization.

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FallenAngel198451d ago (Edited 51d ago )

18 years and the Xbox brand still has a problem consistently appealing to markets outside of the US & UK. I don’t see how they could turn this around in the next 18 years.

There’s a reason why it remains the only current hardware manufacturer that has yet to produce a console that can pass the 100 million units sold milestone

Obscure_Observer50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

To be the newest of the big three is one of the major reasons, however Xbox has been around for three generations and even without the worldwide brand recognition its competitors have, Xbox consoles managed to outsold two generations of Nintendo consoles (Gamecube and WiiU), and got behind the PS3 by only two million units sold.

Unfortunely all generations were plagued by controversies and or mismanagement.

Xbox had problems with Nvidia cards and a short lifespam because of it.
Xbox 360 had problems with millions of faulty units (RRoD)
Xbox One with several problems, underpowered, lack of propper first party studios and games, early focus and vision on Kinect, TV, Sports, DRM and always online crap.

Hopefully Phil´s vision for Series X will do better than previous generations of Xbox. So far, so good.

The Wood50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Wtf. . . .I agreed

First AngelicIceDiamond got hacked now your account too. . . Who next. . ROOKIE

micdagoat1950d ago

I never heard about that issue with the original xbox. I have 5 at home that all work fine and don't remember ever coming across a dead one.

rainslacker50d ago


The problem wasn't the hardware itself. In fact, the OGXBox was solid as a rock.

The problem was that NVidia didn't cut MS a break on the pricing of the GPU's when the contract came up to renew for sourcing the chips. NVidia actually increased the costs of the chips for MS to purchase, which was counter to what would be typical. This was at a time when MS was needing to do a price reduction on the system to compete at the tail end of the generation, and with a new generation looming, they knew Sony was going to be more competative in pricing as well.

MS made the decision to push out the 360 early because of this, which led to issues with that system because it wasn't really ready to be released.

Many believe that MS jumped the gun on last gen to try and beat Sony to market, but that wasn't the case. MS came out ahead in terms of gaining market share, and was further helped because Sony ended up delaying the PS3 due to supply issues with the Blu-Ray drive, but from a business perspective, MS was put in a position of having to make a difficult choice. In some ways they made the right choice(not bowing to NVidia), and in others they made the wrong choice(releasing the 360 despite knowing about the heat issues that would lead to RRoD).

notachance50d ago

idk man, maybe something basic first like officially selling it to more country?

it wasn't even available officially in my country, compared to Sony and Nintendo which has a customer centre like 10-20 minutes drive from my home...

most of the articles (and commenters) only ever talked about XB's technical problems like hardware and games and whatnot when the big part of the problem it doesn't sell as much is they don't even give the same service as they do in US/UK

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Donnie8150d ago

Must be doing something right because the Xbox division is worth more than the PlayStation division

RazzerRedux50d ago

That's not true. Gaming revenue for Microsoft FY 2018/2019 was 10 billion USD. For PlayStation FY 2018/2019 it was 20 billion USD.

The Wood50d ago Show
IRetrouk50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Ms have a lot to do this upcoming gen, image, games, consistency, consumer trust, all have to be worked on, which I do believe they are doing, it's going to take some effort and time but atleast with gamepass and the studio buys they are actually putting their money where their mouth is this time instead of just talking about support and throwing out a big number without actually doing it, as always time will tell, I cant see them having a worse gen than this one. All they have to do is provide a console that is worth the price, good quality consistant games and cut out pr blurbs like power of the cloud, dx12 etc and the gamers will come.

Christopher50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If Microsoft wants to look East, all they need to do is allow Big China to dictate everything and comply with all their demands.

As far as localization support, certain that's based on profit potential. China and Korea will get the same localization support as the U.S. and UK as long as there's profit potential there. Microsoft will better support certain local markets as soon as those markets start spending more money.

Also, Anglocentric? Weird word choice considering American superiority in the market.

Kribwalker50d ago

they definitely need to localize their product if they want to grow their product in other markets. If they aren’t serious about entering those markets they shouldn’t half ass it and actually go for it. Shit or get off the pot as they say

CaptainHenry91650d ago

I don't see that happening and another reason why they'll lose the console War

quenomamen50d ago

People outside the U.S and UK play video games ? - MS

Apocalypse Shadow50d ago

Comes down to taking the risks, spending the money and leaving the bubble they're in. It's their mentality of "you like what we give you or go somewhere else." Like the always classic:

**we have a product for people who can't get online, it's called Xbox 360** (pertaining to Xbox one's always online fiasco.)

You can't reach 2 billion people that way. Look at all the development teams at Microsoft. Do you see a pattern? I'd say all of them are English speaking. And language localization is slow.

Gamers wonder why Xbox doesn't sell in Japan. Why those articles keep popping up. Do you see any Microsoft Japanese Studios? Korean Studios Chinese Studios? Do you see Microsoft building any? Do you see them nurturing any? They're basically saying "like our English product or get something else." Not even catering to the audience that likes a certain style of game in a foreign country. Japanese are saying, " If you're not investing in us, we're not buying your product or why should we?"

Now, look at Sony's Worldwide Studios. Covers multiple countries and games are localized to fit those areas. And Sony nurtures new companies and developers like the China Hero Project with individuals like Yang Bing, the Lost Soul Aside developer and VR developers. Sony didn't just enter China. They are preparing a future market that could provide games for China and the world.

In order to grow a market, you have to actually invest in it. 18 years and they still have to learn the hard way. 7 MR headsets with no games, Kinect with no memorable games and dropped. And, Xbox One with a good portion of the games are average or franchise fatigue sequels. Took a whole generation for them to do something that won't happen until potentially next gen. And the developers they bought are still English speaking. As if they didn't learn anything from their competitor all this time.

Apocalypse Shadow50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

To the disagreers, all you have to do is provide everyone with information on how Microsoft invested in Xbox China. They entered the market. What studios did they create? What developers did they nurture? Same with Japan. Same with Korea. Same with any other country that's not Western.

Their sales worldwide and their lack of studios worldwide are proof that they have not learned to expand and localize. But you wonder why Sony keeps winning along with Nintendo. But Microsoft is worth so much but does so little.

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