Top 10 Worst Games of 2019

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "But for every good game, there’s about a dozen stinkers that also make their way out, it’s just the way things work, you gotta have the good and the bad when it comes to video games. So as we look back at the year that was and get ready to look ahead at the year that will be, let’s take a moment to recognize the garbage games of 2019, make sure to stay away from these"

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thorstein569d ago

link-cable Worst Gaming site of 2019

Bourne414569d ago

Generation Zero is way better after updates. I completely agree it was broken/buggy at launch. As of today. It's my most played game in the last month. Smooth controls, terrifying stealth moments, and a massive world to explore make it worth trying in 2020.

CoNn3rB568d ago

Can't really argue with most of the games but I'm not too sure about Mario Kart mobile being on here, as far as I'm aware it's really popular. I've never played it to be fair