LOW-FI Gameplay Shows Impressive Facial Capture

CG writes: IRIS VR posted a LOW-FI updated build a few days ago which features some new bits-and-bobs to marvel at. The upcoming cyberpunk-themed game gets a new casino interior alongside some very spooky (uncanny valley) yet impressive looking facial capture. You might recognise what we assume is a place-holder look-alike model of actor (Dominic Monaghan). Take a look at the LOW-FI Gameplay which also turns-off the film grain and showcases shooting down drones for credits. LOW-FI aims for a late 2020 release for all VR headsets.

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ApocalypseShadow574d ago

Looking great as always each time I see it. Would be awesome if it rained sometimes or dense fog.

Can't wait to play it. They said it's coming to PSVR for PS5.