Microsoft Flight Simulator Continues to Look Stunning in New Snow Video

Asobo Studio shared a new Microsoft Flight Simulator gameplay video which shows snow environments. The game looks extremely lifelike.

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KaiPow578d ago

That photogrammetry tech is putting in work!

Dovergamer577d ago

The photogrammetry and of course these flying drones are working hard. Larger open world fields will be easier to construct since the reconstruction algorithm that we have today allows for accurate 3d modeling.

Unspoken577d ago

Please bring this to VR.

DaDrunkenJester577d ago

Even as an MS fan I have no desire to really play this game, but with the tech and how crazy it looks I'm glad there is GamePass where I can try it out for myself without having to drop money on something I know isn't for me.

ApocalypseShadow578d ago

Looks great. Would look amazing in VR and with a Hotas. Since the team has made VR a high priority after the E3 showing, VR will be where it plays best. After playing Ultra Wings and Ace Combat 7, I can believe it.

CaptainCook578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

Developing a Flight Simulator without VR is the main priority. We don't want it rushed like other simulators

Mulletino578d ago

I will not purchase new MFS if it doesn’t have VR. An absolute must for VFR flying.

Obscure_Observer577d ago


Asobo will try and make a propper VR mode for this game down the line, but, like CaptainCook correctly pointed out, this is not a native VR game or franchise.

Obscure_Observer577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow

Hopefully Asobo will make VR mode avaliable for this game.

A true AAA VR killer app brought to VR gamers by Microsoft would be a slap in the face of haters who cry and moan for MS´s VR support despite the fact some of their studios already are supporting it. Then will see what twisted narrative you´ll create to downplay MS´s VR support.

Like Gangsta said, I want to see how well Sony will be willing to take risks and support VR for their AAA franchises like VALVE is doing with Half-Life, since you said yourself publishers and developers are making big money out of this "niche" platform.

ApocalypseShadow577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

The only slap in the face really is that Xbox one won't get any VR. No high fidelity VR for you as Phil said. PC gets it. You don't.

When Xbox one and Xbox one x get this port, it won't look anything like this. Maybe you'll get a stream from the cloud until the quality degrades from the internet putting it at 720p. Which will still make it not look like this.

As for Sony, their base actually has VR and 500 plus games and experiences. I have two flying games in VR right now. And 3 space flying games in VR. Sony supported it and has their own published games. PC has VR and hundreds of games and experiences.

Xbox? No VR. No Kinect. Nice try though. But this game would sure look good in VR. On PC.

DJStotty577d ago


Unless the series X supports PC VR headsets??

SpineSaw577d ago

This a VR killer

Donnie81577d ago

This guy below is bragging about psvr. Yeah it’s a huge flop and games look like a ps2 graphically. Psvr launched at 500$ and less than a year later they were 199 with Sony begging people to try them for free at home. Phil’s point is he doesn’t want to launch a bad product and psvr is a third rate system

ApocalypseShadow577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

DJ, Xbox one and Xbox one x aren't series X.

You'll probably get this game. But VR on current Xbox systems you won't get. You're speaking of the future that hasn't happened yet. And Phil has said it's not a priority. We'll see though. And yes, it would be good on next gen systems in VR.

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gamer7804577d ago

I'd rather see it in 4k HDR, VR just tricks you into thinking you can look around with your head, you can do the same by turning the fov on the screen. But VR as an option is fine for those that enjoy that. Personally it drives me nuts with the lack of freedom having something mounted over your face.

specialguest577d ago

You're nuts if you think VR just only tricks you like that. VR offers the level of immersion your monitors won't be able to achieve in the level of immersion. No monitor setup will ever allow you to look above you, behind you, move your face right into any object in your cockpit, or make you feel like you're truly in a cockpit. Sounds like you've never played a cockpit fighter jet style game before, and your VR experience was limited to mobile phone VR. I've played Elite Danger with VR in the past, a space fighter game and one amazing VR moment when experienced for the first is when chasing another starship and looking above my cockpit windshield as it crosses my path from above. Again, you're nuts if you think a FOV option can do that or the same level of immersion VR does lol

SpineSaw577d ago

What exactly are you doing with your face when using a controller or Mr mouse and keyboard? Also its no trick to turn your head and look around in VR your not being tricked into seeing what your seeing.

Neonridr577d ago

well.. the visuals will probably take a noticeable hit when in VR. No machine would be able to render at that quality in a VR headset. But flight sims are amazing using VR, no doubt. Ace Combat is a blast to play in VR.

Psychotica577d ago

It would look much worse in VR as far as resolution, screen-door affect etc.

specialguest577d ago

Screen door effects have greatly improved since the Oculus Rift S and Valve Index. It's at a level that is not distracting

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Tapani578d ago

This is the Breath of the Wild of flying games!

King_Noctis577d ago

Isn’t that why PC is tagged? You need assurance or something?

Ricegum577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

Calm down. Xbox will look good too bud.

RazzerRedux577d ago

Wow. Why does the mention of "PC" upset you so easily?

King_Noctis577d ago

“ Wow. Why does the mention of "PC" upset you so easily?”

Again, just pointing out. Anyone knows it is on PC because it is released first on PC.

RazzerRedux577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

Uh....yeah? He was talking about the PC graphics so obviously he knew it is coming to PC. Why did you get all snarky that he was praising the PC graphics?

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Obscure_Observer577d ago


I agree.

Microsoft will deliver true next gen graphics for this game. Just like Hellblade II.

CaptainHenry916577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

You mean Asobo Studio the developer will deliver true next gen graphics for this game. Can't wait to play it.

Obscure_Observer577d ago


On Microsoft platforms, yes. Same as RaD did with The Order on the PS4. ;)

CaptainHenry916577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

I agree can't wait to play it on Windows gamepass

ssj27578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

Looks great, I remember this on the window 95 lol.. if they bring for playstation I may get it. When hits $10 mark . ..
I can only imagine Gran Turismo visual and psychics for PS5 over 9tf free from raytracesince it's been implemented apart from those 9tf ( the 12tf rumoredon the xbox are been used for raytrace whichwill give a huge hit impactin performance and this is not been talk). I think i will be my second Gran Turismo after GT4 on the ps3. I'm not interested on vr but fame like this or GT may make me get into it.

Kavorklestein578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

Your loss, Other's Enjoyment.

King_Noctis577d ago

So you don’t own a PC at all?

ssj27577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

I could use my brother laptop but very inconvenient i definitely dont like pc they are way to buggy. Plus i dont even need to own a pc to play this game or any other pc or xbox game actually, i forgot I could use my shield tv to stream the game at 1080p with steam. And make it more convenient. 1080p is not that bad( maybe steam streaming by the time this comes out is upgraded to 4k ) but i rather them bring it to playstation and play it natively on it. This is a Microsoft game not a xbox game i dont see why will be a problem for them to bring it to the playstation 5 specially them claiming they wanna be accessible. Will see what happens i may end up using my shield to stream it with steam app i guess

andibandit577d ago

This article is about Microsoft Flight Simulator...

ssj27577d ago

And i am talking about it. And giving my opinion. You know there are future ps5 gamers who will like to play this game? If you got hate towards the ps5 and dont wanna acknowledge it exists that your problem. Plus i own a shield and the ability to play this or any current and future xbox game with steam and thanks to this comment i remembered i got the ability to play it. I always forget i can

nirwanda577d ago

@ssj27 no offense mate but what will this ever have to do with ps5 .
Even the name should drop a pretty big hint where this will be available.
What's next am really angry and I'm getting a ps5 and Xbox game pass is coming to ps5 too you know

andibandit576d ago (Edited 576d ago )


explain to me how GT and PS5 are related to this article and let me remind you that is what the bulk of your statement was about.

Also I own 2 PS4's and am looking forward to getting the PS5, I you think that someone pointing out that you're going off topic makes them a "PS5 Hater", you need to get a grip.

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