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Army_of_Darkness1184d ago

I regretted buying goat sim.. It's just boring and ridiculous pointless...
The Nathan drake collection is great! To bad I have it.

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Sono4211184d ago

I remember playing Uncharted 2 for the first time and just being absolutely blown away... it's crazy to think someone may have a similar experience in 2020, except even improved and for free... truly an amazing month for the collection alone.

gamer78041184d ago

Well I think everyone that has a ps4 has it already.

Kiwi661184d ago

Be one with the goat 🐐

Kiwi661184d ago (Edited 1184d ago )

Seriously don't people have a sense of humor anymore ?

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ocelot071185d ago

Time to play through the Uncharted games again except golden abyss as I no longer have a vita 😣

gangsta_red1185d ago

Extremely meh month.

It's really too bad that collection doesn't include the MP portion. It's the only thing I liked about Uncharted.

The Wood1184d ago

Cheer up brother. . .it's a new year. . . . . ,then I saw goat simulator. . .lol

gangsta_red1184d ago

Goat Simulator! Definitely the jewel of the bunch. /S

Seriously, I think that game has been offered free more times than any other game on each service.

DARK_WOLF1184d ago

The MP portion is the only thing you like about Uncharted?


Knushwood Butt1184d ago ShowReplies(1)
generic-user-name1184d ago

Proof that the Uncharted games have great gameplay and aren't just interactive movies as some claim.

Wontime11184d ago

Kinda strange you say that when uncharted was the series those claims derived from.
The gameplay is great, I think the interactive movie narrative was just some way to take a dig at the game

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Wontime11184d ago

I agree it was a letdown that mp wasn't included in this.
The games are good to great though. If you like Indiana Jones chances are you'll like uncharted

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NautilusXIII1185d ago

This is gonna be a great year.

Wontime11184d ago

Damn straight, mine already started with a 3some

kneon1184d ago

You and both hands :)