Rein Weighs In On PS3

Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, has spoken out against the negativity surrounding the PS3. He's also qualified some of his earlier comments on the Wii and mentioned new updates for Gears of War.

When Spong asked whether he thinks the PS3 will tank Rein said:

"No, god, no... People, just give them a break for crying out loud. People think it's bad if they can't ship enough, and then they think it's bad if they can ship enough. It's like, which is it? ... They sold more PS3s in North America than Microsoft sold Xbox 360s in its same period of time, and they clearly aren't going to have the shortage problems that Microsoft had."

He went on to praise Sony's downloadable content, saying "There's not a lot of games on there, but the ones that are there are really high quality."

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the_bebop4873d ago

He says some very good points, people should stop comlaining the PS3 will do fine and will sell well, how well is it actualy sells we will have to wait and see.

grifter0244873d ago

Seems like Epic is giving some props to sony... Thats pretty good I suppose at least its getting some good reviews from people..Good job though. I wonder if any sony dev's praise the 360?

ryanjtravis4873d ago (Edited 4873d ago )

I think he's just sick of everybody completely hating on the PS3, especially when his company is going to be making games for it(and obviously trying to making money from them).

I don't really care either way personally, as long as he makes Gears of War 2 :)

Marriot VP4873d ago

Well when you have to apply twice the amount of resources and time to build a PS3 game as opposed to a 360 one, I think he'd like to support his own cause.

DJ4873d ago

Last time I checked, PS3 titles cost the same amount as 360 titles. No need to spread misinformation. =] Epic has actually come out and shot down Sony-related FUD on numerous occasions, even going so far as to criticize Microsoft for spreading it in the first place. Either way, here's a link to another Epic Games article regarding the PS3 and Xbox online networks, and how Epic actually prefers Sony's network.


"The difference between PlayStation Network and Xbox Live is companies can reportedly add content to Sony's service without a series of certifications, a common criticism directed at Microsoft, which delayed the release of demos, game patches and other content.

Back in September, Epic held a Q&A session during the Tokyo Game Show, where Epic's CEO Tim Sweeney outlined the situation pretty clearly: "Unfortunately it's [Xbox Live] more of a closed platform," and says they've even been "quite negative toward user-created content."

Through Microsoft's XNA initiatives, perhaps Epic's found a way to get Microsoft to loosen up a bit, or maybe Epic will package user modifications and offer them on the XBL marketplace. That'd be an easy enough microtransaction, wouldn't it? But that wouldn't be particularly fair for console owners, considering the PC kids wouldn't have to pay a dime."

Marriot VP4873d ago

well I wish I could find the link of a developer saying it took twice the costs or effort to program for the cell over a PC or 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.