Square Enix Needs To Bring The Dragon Quest Zenithia Trilogy To Switch, PS4, and Steam

Square Enix wants to bring the Dragon Quest series to the international stage, yet hasn't made some of the best games available on modern systems.

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ZeekQuattro55d ago

The brought over the first 3 games. Might as well do 4, 5 and 6. Preferably the updated DS versions with the added content.

3-4-550d ago

DS versions are good...never got to play all of them but a nice little graphics update on those versions would be awesome.

uGLYmE55d ago

I would also like to see the older games come to newer systems. I can’t imagine this would be a heavy lift.

ninja2ri55d ago

Good luck with that goof.

Immagaiden55d ago

Just bring every title from DQI-DQIX to those platforms

Allied55d ago

Rather then a new port of Dragon Quest 5 I'd love to see it get the remake treatment I loved that one out of all first 6 of the series.

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