Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds - Now with Voice Chat

Happy Friday Hot Shots Golfers! It's been a while since our last HSG post, but we've been busy testing new features, new costumes and some very special items for a holiday

As you might have noticed, we've started to roll out some new costumes for the wonderful cast of Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds. The first batch was a hit, but with the second batch we wanted to throw in a little something extra.

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TheColbertinator5318d ago

Glad it finally showed up.I don't like the game too much but its a good thing that Clap Hanz got on it.

Speaking of which,I think Hot Shots Golf 6 might be here next year

Johnny Rotten5318d ago

a much needed feature, this game is still one of my favs!

PoSTedUP5318d ago

yea bro its a classic, the most fun golf game on the market imo with the best graphics.

aftrdark215318d ago

this game doesn't have rumble/trophy support already...