The Live Actress For Rebecca Chambers Didn't Realise How Big The Franchise Had Become

The original voice actor for Rebecca Chambers was found earlier in 2019, but until then she didn't really know how big the franchise she helped start had become.

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monkey602702d ago

Yeah I like when pieces like this show up.

There was a guy on Eurogamer used to do really good did you know pieces every so often. Don't think he does it anymore though

702d ago
ShinRon702d ago

i had huge crushes on the actress' for Rebecca and Jill when i was younger, id always watch the intro lol

ANIALATOR136702d ago

Still have a crush on Jill

MWH702d ago

I'd have a Jill Sandwich any time.

SyntheticForm701d ago

"Berry! Where's Berry!?"

"Jill, can you go?"

"I'm going with you. Chris is our old partner ya know"

The voice acting is so terrible but when I was 15 when this came out, I didn't notice. I was legitimately scared playing this game too. I think it still holds up in the frightening sense.