Most Important Games of the Decade: ‘Breath of the Wild’

Breath of the Wild shook the Zelda formula to its core by returning to its roots.

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Spenok299d ago

Nope, there was nothing remotely important about this other than changing up the formula a bit. EVERYTHING in the game was borrowed from a different game. Did it do those things well? Absolutely, but it in NO way innovated, or pushed the industry forward like games past.

Gamehard299d ago

So it wasn't innovative because it doesn't copy the same formula of every other Zelda game from OoT on up? Gotcha.

People can love or hate breath of the wild for straying from the format a bit, and yeah the shrines can get pretty repetitive, but there's no denying that there was alot of thought and depth put into how much freedom you have in the game to solve or overcome obstacles and traverse the world. Not many other games these days make you do much more than go from point A to B with no thought in between.

ShinRon299d ago

anyone who appriciates world and level design and has played botw knows why its acclaim it merited.

Teflon02299d ago

It doesn't even look like they had a dungeon designer. Don't even start with that bs lol

Spenok299d ago

I appreciate those things, and played the game to completion. The story sucked, Zelda was a whiny little girl (and you don't find out why until the END of the game... by which time you can't stand her instead of feeling for her plight), the level design SUCKED for the shrines. The enemies were lazy and repetitive, the weapon breaking system was DEEPLY flawed, the korok seeds/shrines were INSANE amounts of filler, the "real" dungeons, of which there were only 4, were the WORST dungeons in any Zelda, and there were plot holes EVERYWHERE. Not to mention you had to SEEK OUT the story rather than it being given to you.

Did the game have an AMAZING foundation for a much more thoroughly thought out game? Yes. Was it overall fun that provided an insane amount of freedom? Again, yes. Was the game good overall? Yes.

But it is in no way one of the most important games of the decade. Especially because it pushed the industry forward in LITERALLY no way whatsoever.

Sono421299d ago

Anyone who has played Mario Odyssey knows what REAL perfect level design and care is, ever single inch of those levels is designed with meaning with many times I was thinking I was doing such intricate jumps that I thought for sure I was getting somewhere I shouldn't be, yet I would get up there to see a big pile of coins, them rewarding me for actually doing something hard, them intentionally putting that little extra bit of challenge in there completely optional. That is what makes Mario Odyssey so much better than Breath of the Wild.

Now in Breath of the Wild you'll stumble onto something like the labyrinths and think oh man this is something cool, exciting and new!.... then you finally get to the center.... aaaaaaaaand.. just another shrine... but then you think, oh this must be a special shrine, I mean it is definitely in a special location, maybe i'll get some extra boss fight with a bigger reward..... then you see it says you've already proved your worth by getting there and get the same crappy prize as always... a spirit orb and a weapon that will break 3 enemies later.. and if you found it, the piece of barbarian armor that barely raises your attack even when fully upgraded, or when you find a chest that seemed completely tucked away and hidden you think, oh man what's in here? Must be something good.... and it's just 3 arrows, or opal. Meanwhile a chest just sitting in the middle of a field gives you that swimming armor. Nothing about the "rewards" seemed well thought out at all. Almost seemed like they had a random generator decide what was in the chests, as a chest that is behind 6 enemies could have the same thing as a chest just sitting out in the wild.

Now sure in Mario you could argue the coins being tucked away isn't much of a reward for doing those tricky jumps, but it's Mario, what reward do you even expect? None, where as Zelda is KNOWN for you getting more gadgets in your arsenal, but in BotW you literally have everything at the start, only thing you unlock is handicaps by defeating divine beasts, there is no sense of progression other than hearts and stamina, it's just so lackluster.

Imalwaysright299d ago

Really? It was an open world game that was designed to offer freedom while other open world games only give an illusion of freedom because they're constantly telling us where to go, telling us what do and telling us how to do it. Not only that but it also gave us a world that tried to simulate our world with logic based interaction between pretty much every object in the world, elements and the player wich is more than can be said than 99.9% of other open world games available on the market with their static worlds that barely have any interactivity. Breath of the wild gave far more meaning to the words "open world" than any other game that came before it.

Shiken299d ago

No other game had taken the elements BotW had with their open world and blended them together in similar fashion. I have played many open world games, and BotW is def among the most unique with how they handled it.

phoenixwing299d ago

Spenok seems its raining salt on you for the truth lol

gangsta_red299d ago

Why does a game need to push the industry forward? What new innovations are you looking for?

What do those terms even mean and what game has done that this gen?

Isn't it enough that each Zelda game re-invents itself with almost each iteration?

Tross299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

It doesn't. However, if something is to be considered one of the most important games of the decade, it should do something to merit that distinction. Otherwise, it's just a good game. There's nothing wrong with that of course, but BotW is one of those games that's only featured in an article like this because it has a household name attached to it. Otherwise, what exactly is important about it? What exactly did it do for the open world genre, the likes of which other non-Nintendo games have tried to replicate, and which can be traced back specifically to this game?

Kosic299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

I agree, the game wasn't really that new. It took ideas for everywhere else and kinda showed that it wanted to be a physics puzzle game.
I completed the game within 20-22 hours and didn't enjoy my time spent. I much prefer the older Zelda titles over this.

It's a big title for Zelda but as you said, what did this game do that others haven't done in the past?

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Xaevi299d ago

"Its roots" I think people need to play the original cause I don't think most are remembering correctly how that game was when comparing BotW to it.

yomfweeee299d ago

Breathe of the Wild should be on top of most overrated of all time.

Shiken299d ago

That spot is reserved for RDR2.

yomfweeee299d ago

I won't argue with you on that. Those 2 are the most overrated that I played last decade.

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EddieNX 299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

The level of freedom and the way the world is designed in a way that encourages exploration is unparalleled. And the gameplay is so fluid and perfect with the physics.

Absolutely epic game that apparently is "overated" according to a load of people who havent even played it...

Kosic299d ago

Different opinion to you, means they haven't played it? Right, got ya!

Imalwaysright299d ago

Anyone that says that this game isn't different than 99.9% of open world games that are available on the market I will say: "you didn't play the game". This game was designed to be different and that is not a matter of opinion, it's a matter of fact. This game was designed to offer freedom and a level of agency that you just don't see in other open world games whose structure is almost always the same: you go here, start mission, finish mission the way I want it to or you'll fail and when you finish it, you have to go there to start next mission... rinse and repeat until the credits start rolling. What I'm saying should be extremely obvious to those that played BoTW and any other open world game in this generation.

Imalwaysright294d ago

"but it isn't a game that changes the formula at all"

I'm sorry but you have to be blind or an idiot to not see that this game is structured differently from 99.9% of open world games that are available on the market. That it delivers an unprecendented level of freedom and player agency in open world games.

Barren world it may have but the level of interactivity it offers is again on a whole different level and it does it with an impressive physics system that allows the player to interact not only with pretty much every object in the world but elements as well and the interactions are completely logic based. Hell elements themselves interact with each other to create gameplay mechanics such as air + heat (fire) to create an updraft that the player can take advantage of it to fly (basic principle behind hot air ballons). When I found that out that I could that in the game and as someone that has been playing games since the Megadrive/Snes era it made me realize how far gaming had gone since I was a kid far more than improvements in graphical fidelity ever did or could. Most worlds in open world games are for the most part static and as a result aren't even close to be as realistic as BoTW world and that's another thing that BoTW does differently. The experimentation that the game allows due to its interactivity and physics system is again something we just don't see in 99.9% of open world games on the market.

"but it isn't a game that changes the formula at all" I'm sorry but that is absolute bullshit.

obidanshinobi299d ago

I bought a cheap second hand Wii U and played BOTW on it.
Amazing game, the best game I played last year.
The sense of exploration is phenomenal compared to most modern open world games.
When the sequel hits I will be buying a Switch.

Kosic298d ago

@imalwaysright I played botw and found it to be a barren waste land with not much there on offer. The game expects you to find it's story which is fair enough. But what it had on offer for me was lacking. The devine beasts were really poor puzzles, I managed to beat one within minutes. That the whole "devine dungeon" was such a let down, I missed the days of Ocarina of times dungeons.
Botw is a solid game, but it isn't a game that changes the formula at all. It's very familiar with everything else that's out there. (It's expected in this day and age now).

Me personally, I just didn't like it.

Kosic294d ago

@imalwaysright I didn't give botw much of a chance. It was a marmite sort of game (you love it or hate it). For me, I felt detached after a while and for the 14 hours I had put in I just wanted to see the ending, so I rushed the last 5 or so hours remaining.
I didn't know about the hot air stuff, as I rushed through it. The game was impressive for its graphics and attention to detail (I really loved the shadow off the clouds moving).
I saw it as a physics based game, a little similar to portal, but in an open world location.
With the look off botw2, it looks more darker, I just hope they fill the game up with a story as you go along.
Also, remove the weapon duration that was a little annoying.

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