Epic Games Store is buying goodwill with free games, and that’s OK

Yeah, Epic Games Store's free games are basically an attempt to buy goodwill. And that's okay. Having healthy competition is good for consumers, good for developers, and good for the overall industry.

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Vits57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

The free games are fine. But saying that the EGS provide healthy competition is a joke. As they don't even allow internal competition. Most key resellers that could undercut them are blocked from doing business with EGG's keys. Games can't be compared inside the store, because Epic don't allow the consumer to express any opinion in there. And external competition is almost inexistent. As their exclusive deals stop a lot of games to being sold elsewhere.

The only competition that they provide is for developers and publishers. And that is not particularly good either. Trust in crowdfunding is at all time low thanks to the broke promises of the developers that took Epic's deal. Smug developers literally made blog posts and videos moking gamers, because they don't need their money anymore. The only ones that actually win with that is big publisher and established studios as they get even more money than before.

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xVOLTx57d ago

That pile of cash they are throwing around will run out eventually.

BayAreaBird56d ago

Hahahaha. You do know they make the unreal engine, right? They been rich since 1998!

Seafort56d ago

Nothing is infinite. They do have shareholders and when the money starts running out Epic are in big trouble.

RazzerRedux56d ago

If Fortnite and Unreal continue to provide billions of dollars then no, Epic is not going to "run out" of cash giving away these games.

kikicub57d ago

Healthy competition? Sure...

Vanfernal56d ago

Honestly, it's good to have the Epic game store just for free games. I've never actually spent a dime in that store, nor do I plan to, but here is a list of most games they've given away this year:

Alan Wake American Nightmare
Alan Wake:
Ape Out
Axiom Verge:
Bad North:
Batman: Arkham Collection:
City of Brass:
Costume Quest:
Enter the Gungeon:
For Honor:
FTL: Faster Than Light
Hyper Light Drifter
Into the Breach
Jotun - Valhalla Edition
Kingdom New Lands:
Last Day of June:
Layers of Fear Masterpiece Edition
LEGO Batman Trilogy:
Little Inferno
Metro: 2033 Redux:
Mutant Year Zero
Nuclear Throne:
Rayman Legends:
Rebel Galaxy:
Slime Rancher:
Stories Untold:
Super Meat Boy:
Surviving Mars:
The End is Night:
The Escapists
The Jackbox Party Pack:
The Messenger:
The Witness:
The Wolf Among Us
Thimbleweed Park:
This War of Mine:
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
TowerFall Ascension
What Remains of Edith Finch:
World of Goo:

Tross56d ago

Yep. Thanks Epic. I still won't support you, but thanks for the free games anyways.

traumadisaster56d ago

I have to admit I was skeptical about typing in their site the first time, I’m old and crusty and couldn’t bother myself with another game service but the free games nudged be just enough.

So now I go every week looking and daily through Christmas for the free games, half that I already have. Then I bought some exclusives with coupons.

So in less than a year they are a regular visit by me, through buying me. Now I have all my game clients shortcuts lined up and start them all in a row to piss off my system, hahaha!

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The story is too old to be commented.