Microsoft vs Nintendo vs Sony: Who Won 2019?

Ed writes: Which console maker won 2019? Let's look back at how Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony all did in the gaming sphere throughout 2019.

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Thundercat7753d ago

1. PlayStation.
2. Nintendo.
3. Xbox.

Christopher53d ago

I'd put Nintendo at #1. They're entering into the mid growth of the next generation while the other two are slowly transitioning to the same generation as Nintendo. I believe they had the highest growth rate in both hardware and software sales while the other two had reduced hardware and maybe equal to previous year software rates.

darthv7252d ago

Nintendo definitely. They got the girl, the gold watch and everything this year.

Shiken52d ago

Nintendo killed it this year with exclusive offerings, recieved the best version of Dragon Quest, and delivered a port many thought to be impossible in the Witcher 3.

No idea why you have so many disagrees.

SyntheticForm52d ago


If we're being objective we go with Nintendo, and I'm not even big on Nintendo, but I have to acknowledge that they had some great output this year and just a great year overall.

That said, Sony still had a fine year.

Army_of_Darkness52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

How on earth do you seriously think Nintendo was better than Sony's ps4 offerings this year?? I'm looking at their games and I see nothing that would make me purchase a switch... Ps4 on the other hand had the following... Err, you know what Google it, I don't want to waste my time proving my point. Happy new year! Time to get wasted!

Shiken52d ago (Edited 52d ago )


Because I have both a PS4 Pro and a Switch, so I have played what both has to offer. Meanwhile you, who claims PS4 has the better offering, have admitted to not owning and therefore not playing what the Switch has to offer.

Go figure.

MADGameR52d ago

Delusional. SONY came out on top smoking everything in site. SONY is already at the finish line for the 8th gen. Nintendo gave UP on their Wii U and came back with the switch where as SONY messed up with the PS3 but made a comeback. Nintendo and MS are quitters

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TK-6653d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Gonna have to put Nintendo at #1 I'm afraid. If we try to look at things as objectively as possible they definitely had the most successful year.

sprinterboy53d ago

I understand where you're coming from but games wise was nintendo enough? Good games sure, great sales yes but number 1? Either way I guess it's down to personal preference but either playstation or Nintendo is fine with me.
As for MS I don't even know why we mention them this gen?

TK-6653d ago Show
Doggy12352d ago

On no !!!! You dint put the PS4 in second place lol - gonna be a lot of toys thrown out of the proms now !

NecrumOddBoy53d ago

Sony had a B year and Nintendo a B+ but overall solid. Microsoft isn't even on the radar for me and their XSX reveal was pretty underwhelming.

Top 3 Games:
Days Gone
Luigi's Mansion 3
Outer Worlds

So it's been a good mix.

TK-6653d ago (Edited 53d ago )

"Microsoft isnt even on the radar for me"

*Names Microsoft game in top 3*

xX-oldboy-Xx53d ago

*Names 2 exclusives and a multi-platform title.

TK-6653d ago (Edited 53d ago )

*names a Sony game, Nintendo game and an MS game meaning MS is on his radar


vfl52353d ago

*Names a game that per usual for Microsoft buys instead of creating ones on their own. Other than forza, none of their studios have created a worthwhile game on their own under Microsoft's umbrella. And forza is just a run of the mill racing game.

The Wood53d ago


Do you know what an exclusive is? Please list Xbox's exclusives.. You been asked a couple times but you've swerved well

mkis00753d ago (Edited 53d ago )

To everyone replying about TOW

MS had nothing to do with the creation, development, nor the publishing of The Outer Worlds. Stop trying to give them credit for it. They get to claim credit for making the eventual second game whatever it turns out to be.

It being a decent-good-great game is on Private Division and of course primarily Obsidian. He named a Sony game a Nintendo game and a 3rd party game that is now owned by MS.

TK-6653d ago (Edited 53d ago )

@The Wood

You would need to demonstrate why I need to list them. Why should I care exactly? I pointed out a factual observation that the Outer Worlds is a Microsoft game as it's developed by a studio owned by MS. Problem? elaborate.


Cool story brah. I take it you're a big Forza fan?


Ah I see. Publishers just buy studios and then have zero interaction with them for a year.

The Wood52d ago

Do you know what an exclusive is?

'You would need to demonstrate why I need to list them. Why should I care exactly? I pointed out a factual observation that the Outer Worlds is a Microsoft game as it's developed by a studio owned by MS. Problem? elaborate.'


The article is about who had the best year. What differentiates one from the others are the exclusives be it games, services, peripherals. Maybe its easier for you to ignore or sidestep the point. Multiplats are multiplats so using those are mute points no matter their publisher. You've been asked to list MS's exclusives but spin why you cant or wont... Its kool tho bro, we understand your reasons. I see the radar comment irked ya but think of it as hyperbole..... in the grand scheme of thins xbox has produced very little this year and for the majority of people, services aren't as important as output

TheRealTedCruz52d ago

I stopped playing Days Gone when I walked into a game breaking glitch, less than 2 hours into the game, when a gas canister glitched out of existence, requiring me to do the mission over.

TK-6652d ago

@The Wood

"Do you know what an exclusive is?"

I'm afraid you need to answer my question first. Why should I care?

"The article is about who had the best year."

This might be difficult for you to understand but I responded to a comment and not the article. If you have such a issue with me briefly pointing out an illogical statement within a comment that you then want to assume my position/opinions then you don't actually deserve a response to your questions. You engaged in bad faith and made some stupid assumptions. I know you find it very irritating that I don't dance to your tune, but you cant always get your own way buddy ;)

"You've been asked to list MS's exclusives but spin why you cant or wont."

Tell me why it logically follows that I need to list Xbox exclusives when all I effectively said is that Outer Worlds is an MS game? Why am I having to list exclusives exactly for pointing out an inconsistency in someones comment? Also, since reading comprehension isn't your thing, you were the only one to ask me to list exclusives. No one else; just you.

" I see the radar comment irked ya but think of it as hyperbole....."

Oh, trust me. I have a little army of drones posting PS4 sales figures in my PM's for some reason. People appear to be very irritated with me pointing out such a simple fact XD

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King_Noctis53d ago

Playstation? They won with what?

53d ago
xX-oldboy-Xx53d ago

Even when they're bad - they're good. Nintendo are enjoying some deserved success - it just shows how bad ms is.

sprinterboy53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Days gone, death stranding, ace combat 7, concrete genie, dreams early access.
Do you want me to go on?
Medievil, blood and truth, Everybody's Golf Vr, Shenmue III, Mlb plus stellar games like re2 and sekiro.

King_Noctis53d ago

You guys just list a bunch of third party games which could also be played on PC/Xbox as well. The only notable games from PS4 are Death Stranding and Days Gone, and maybe Judgement, and that is a third party game just like DS.

I mean, I had fun on the PS4 this year with DS, but let be honest here.

RazzerRedux53d ago

"let be honest here"

Honestly, PS had just as much right to say who "won" as the other two. To me, it wasn't a particularly good year for any of them. But to suggest there is one "honest" answer is a bit absurd.

King_Noctis53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

“ To me, it wasn't a particularly good year for any of them”

You are kidding right? The one that release high rated exclusive after high rated exclusives did not have a good year? Is third party suddenly a selling point now? I thought it is an afterthought?

RazzerRedux53d ago

Third party is a selling point when it is available on one console and nearly absent on another. If you want to ignore what games are missing entirely from a platform then you are choosing not to look at the whole picture. When exclusives are discussed in the context of Xbox and PS then it is with the understanding that the majority of third party games are available on both. This is not the case with Switch and that has to be factored in whether you like it or not.

The Wood52d ago

Why do people sleep on judgement like it didn't score a good score.. Some people will never see the good unless it's in line with their own narrative. Donkey of the day goes to . . . . 'The wilfully ignorant' whatever side you're coming from. I know there's a bag of Nintendo games I haven't played or I'm unaware off so I won't act like I am. What I do know is both Sony and more so Nintendo released more games than Microsoft did and there was enough quality to compete but Sony had a slight advantage of having some of the multiplats that weren't on the Nintendo. It's not impossible to call the year Sony or Nintendo's. . Hope that clears it up

GrubsterBeater52d ago (Edited 52d ago )


Well considering that PlayStation, unlike MS, actually RELEASED exclusive games, I would say they won by forfeit, regardless of the multitude of outstanding exclusives released by Sony during the whole of 2019.

SyntheticForm52d ago

Days Gone, for me, was only notable for how lacking in overall quality it was for a PlayStation exclusive. I think Days Gone epitomizes the 'okay' video game.

Death Stranding I thought was brilliant, and its release secured Sony a place in 2019. I found the colorful, whimsical Concrete Genie to be an utter bore to play. Couldn't stick with it.

I'm not into baseball games like MLB, and I'm not into VR so Blood and Truth I cannot play. Dreams is a fantastic application and creation tool, but I wouldn't really consider it a game.

Sony didn't have a 'weak' year - I wouldn't use the word weak, but for me it was definitely one of Sony's 'lightest' years, which is forgivable all things considered, such as the output of previous years and the fact that many of their studios and teams are working on PS5 stuff.

twiggytree1252d ago

Third party is absolutely a selling point, all of the must have titles are absent on Switch. That’s definitely going to weigh in on someone’s decision when they’re selecting a console.

Switch has exclusives but minimal third party.
Xbox has third party but no exclusives.
PlayStation has exclusives and third party.

PS4 having all the hottest third party titles gives them a significant edge when comparing with the Switch.

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gamer780452d ago

Sales wise, Nintendo. Innovation wise definitely Microsoft with the BC, gamespass and software features. Exclusive wise I’d say Sony won. All depends on the metric used.

52d ago
CaptainHenry91652d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Nintendo and Playstation did well. Xbox is a disappointment this gen

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IRetrouk53d ago

Based on personal use its ps, xbox, switch, but objectively nintendo has had the best year in terms of growth, understandable as the other two are winding down this gen and getting the next ready, while the switch is really just reaching maybe its midway point, but no matter what system you go with, they all had games to enjoy this year.

isarai53d ago

I dont care, i just know i had fun and 2020 looks friggin bonkers for everyone

53d ago
Automatic7953d ago

Nintendo Switch had an excellent year.