Did PlayStation lose its golden touch in 2019?

This time next year, many of us will be down several hundred quid with a shiny new bit of kit perched atop our television stands (or tucked away out of sight). Two of them, if you’re the kind of money bags gamer who insists on snapping up both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X when they both launch in late 2020.

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RpgSama56d ago

Lol, this is going to be a two pronged approach for the time that's left till next generation to try and downplay as much as possible Sony and PlayStation while at the same time highlighting everything as a positive for Microsoft and the next Xbox, it has started and unfortunately it will not stop.

The Wood56d ago

Lol. . It's so obvious. . . .my gosh the media are just tools when the time/price is right

Unspoken56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Well, every time that image of the PS5 shows up I think it needs to be melted and redesigned from scratch. It literally is absolutely hideous. Toilet seat or gaudy car audio amplifier. You decide.

PyroMessiah8655d ago

You mean like it usually is around here with Playstation as the Golden boy who can do no wrong vs everything Microsoft does is evil.

True fanboyism on display.

Just like when Playstation has a power advantage everyone is pissing all over Xbox like sheep. Now Playstation 5 looks to be the weaker system (by a massive amount and not a small amount this time) , it's "oh that doesn't matter"

True fanboyism. 👍 Want some chips with that salt?🧂

Dragonscale55d ago

@unspoken, thats the PS5 DEV KIT fgs not the final PS5 design.

IRetrouk55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Go back to just before this gen started, have a look at the articles on here (search engine on here works great) which console was rumoured to be more powerful and then look at which one was actually more powerful, I wouldn't believe any power talk untill the specs have been announced.
Personally I dont care which is stronger, didnt matter to me any other gen, I just want new games man.

bluefox75555d ago

They don't even try to be subtle about it anymore.

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FinalAeonX56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

If PlayStation lost its touch in 2019, then Xbox never had any touch to begin with - not in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Because lacklustre sequels of milked franchises, unfinished buggy games and decade old discounted games you can get for $1 in the used bin section of Gamestop clearly count as touch.

AngelicIceDiamond56d ago

Yep because Days Gone was a flawless gym at launch right? Some games will be buggy no matter who makes them. To point out one specific company it's just plain stu... Well it is n4g not the brightest bunch.

AspiringProGenji56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Credit where it is due... Xbox had 2013 (better launch tittles), And 2014( Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall werr a blast)

After that it has been a mess. Sold mine And never went back. After 2014 I agree with you

KiRBY300055d ago

In 2013 PlayStation released The Last of Us, which many consider game of the generation. Sony gave the PS3 great support.

IRetrouk55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Wish my mummy would buy my consoles for me, would save me a lot of money....

Orionsangel55d ago

Console Wars still a thing? lol

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Sokol55d ago

Sorry Pyro, 15% power difference isn't going to make PS5 a problem especially in 4k and being at least 100$ cheaper with guaranteed list of AAA exclusives.

Power isn't everything, never was never will..

Wasabi55d ago


**"15% power difference isn't going to make PS5 a problem"**


9 vs 12 is a 25% difference, not 15%.

claudionmc55d ago

@Wasabi actually 20% (9.5 vs 12)

At any case, for US$100 less that I can invest in games, and also backwards compatibility, I would totally go for the PS5

Wasabi55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


It's not 9.5.

ABSOLUTE best case scenario is 9.2, show me the math that equates to 9.5, I'll be waiting.

MasterCornholio56d ago

Doesn't mean it can't do better in 2020.

There's the Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima to look forward to. I'll even mention Dreams because it really is a pretty innovative title.

MrNinosan56d ago

And then the game that probably will sell on par with Tlou2 and outshine GoT, Final Fantasy VII remake.

hardcorehippiez56d ago

Dreams is fantastic . Ive really only used the sound music tools so far as its what i do but i have dabbled a bit with sculpting and level design and artwork. It has so much and thats even before searching others creations. I dont know why sony arent pushing it more than they are.

DaDrunkenJester56d ago

I think it's still just in Early Access, right? I dont think they have released the full game and assets yet.

MasterCornholio56d ago


Well if you take a look at this site the release date is February the 14th. Which makes this game a 2020 release. Unless you have some information that it's getting delayed to 2021 which I haven't heard any rumors on a delay like that.

IRetrouk56d ago

The answer to the articles headline is no.
On a side note, the title doesn't really represent the authors view, wonder why he went with such a bait headline🤷‍♂️

IRetrouk56d ago

You right, didnt even think of that👌

AnubisG55d ago Show
IRetrouk55d ago

Who is it you are talking to shaggy? Who mentioned xbox here? I was talking about the headline not matching the title, which is click bait, 100%, I also said the title does NOT match the writers view, he isn't writing a downplay piece, it's actually positive......

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AngelicIceDiamond56d ago

Agree it's a flame article that's simply isn't true in any sense. I guess TLOUS prt 2, Dreams and Ghosts don't count all of a sudden. Articles going for clicks, negative views because Sony hasn't officially staged the PS5 announcement. So they come up with false narratives for click bate reaction.

The Wood56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

AID has been hacked lol

Tross56d ago

Yeah, this is far from the only example I've seen of headlines that convey the opposite of what the article actually does.

Apocalypse Shadow56d ago

Multiple articles about Microsoft taking back the crown they never had, their triumphant return or painting the future red. Or after failing this gen, their future looking bright on faith alone. And, "Most disappointing games of 2019" or "10 worst games of 2019" with Death Stranding as the picture for the title. Obviously a Sony title. That sold well and reviewed well overall.

And here we have a click bait title about Sony possibly losing their touch in 2019. While saying in the article that Days Gone was not compelling in any way compared to Sony's other top tier developers and that Sony Bend doesn't have quite the "chops." Says Sony wasn't gutsy by making a Game Pass equivalent when Sony's games actually **SELL**. And mentions X Cloud when Sony has been doing Remote Play way before Microsoft. Like a generation ago.

Yup. It's that time of the media blitz of click bait with Sony's not talking enough, doing enough or innovative enough. That they're being sparse on releases, is in trouble or doomed with the rumored 9.2 teraflops because Microsoft showed a console and no real-time gameplay.

Must be a new generation coming. And instead of getting real news, it's just a bunch of "hoo ha" for site hits using Sony as the target because they have no real information to pass on to gamers.

56d ago
DarkkMinion56d ago

Your thoughts a are convoluted as hell.

Dragonscale55d ago

His thoughts are actually pretty true tbh.

derek56d ago

It's a repeat of the build up to the Ps4. I love it, can't wait for the naysayers to have to eat their words.

ArmyVetGamer56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Lol if the switch taught us anything... its that you dont need all the power in the world to be competitive... just compelling software and a knack for not lying to consumers on a constant basis

PyroMessiah8655d ago

9.2 Tflops.

Series X will look and play better in every multiplatform game.

Dragonscale55d ago

@pyro, and it still won't make a difference just like scorpio didn't. Anyhow its not been confirmed that the new xbone is more poweful than PS5 so your reaching tbh.

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ShadowWolf71256d ago


Death Stranding is not a Sony title. It's a third-party game that will be published on PC by a third-party publisher.

BehindTheRows56d ago

Death Stranding is very much a Sony title. It is their property and is being published on PC with their blessing.

What you mean is it isn't an exclusive, which is also false until Summer 2020.

ShadowWolf71256d ago

lmao no, it's not their property. It's the property of Kojima Productions.

The engine used is their property, which they licensed to Kojima for his use.

AngelicIceDiamond56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

"with their blessing" insists Sony doesn't own it. Plus Sony never puts their games on PC. Sony also removed only for PS logo later on. I don't think theirs anything out there that suggests So considering that Kojima was thanking Sony for the support of the game at the VGA's.

travestyj56d ago

Death Stranding IP is owned and trademarked by Sony. You can easily look this up.

55d ago
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OB1Biker56d ago

I think theres a real thirst from the media for xbox to be at the top again. You can bet gamers will follow and bite all their console war baits and then the media will treat gamers like kids for biting. Haha.
Fair enough I guess.

Apocalypse Shadow56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Boy I hated that. When Microsoft launched first and we got a glut of shooters, a bunch of greasy unreal engine visuals and Japanese games were westernized and just not even that Japanese flavor that makes their games great. With single player getting shade along with small indie titles because online is supposedly so great over anything else.

With Sony in the driver's seat, there's always has a balance of a variety and gamers benefit worldwide and not just in English speaking countries. And I'm American. Lol.

I don't miss Microsoft's arrogance.

King_Noctis56d ago

“ Death Stranding as the picture for the title. Obviously a Sony title. That sold well and reviewed well overall. ” might wanna check your fact on DS being a Sony title.

“ And mentions X Cloud when Sony has been doing Remote Play way before Microsoft. Like a generation ago. ”

I don’t think you understand the differences between Xcloud and remote play at all.

Persian_Immortal56d ago

Copyright Registration filled by SIE for Death Stranding.

King_Noctis56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

What I meant was DS is not a Sony exclusive title. Both Sony and 505 Games are publishing the game.

Knushwood Butt56d ago

@ Noctis

' might wanna check your fact on DS being a Sony title.'.

You never mentioned anything about exclusivity, and nor did the quote.

King_Noctis56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

“ He's backpedaling“

Coming from you, that is funny. By the way, my bad for forgetting the word “exclusive”, which is a sacred word around here.

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PyroMessiah8655d ago

"the crown they never had"

Xbox 360 (even with red ring issues early on and all that you will no doubt bring up) destroyed PS3 for 90% of it's existence.

55d ago
Hungryalpaca55d ago

And if you’re in first during 90% of a race and come in third, you still lost.

You’re not too bright.

GTgamer55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Maybe because people had to buy more consoles because the 360 was dying on them 😂😂😂 and not to mention the Xbox was cheaperrrrrrrrr 🙄. Hell Microsoft had a bad launch this gen and still aren't even close to catching up to PS4 😂😂😂 and i can 100% say the PS5 will outsell XboxSX by a landslide once again because I see people arguing about power this power that when in reality it doesn't matter because the same people arguing already made the decision of what console their buying a spec announcement won't change that. I'm going with PS5 NOT BECAUSE I'M A FANBOY but because that's where God of War 2/spiderman2/horizon2 etc will be releasing.

PyroMessiah8655d ago

@Dragonscale it didn't make a difference?

Only if you give a damn about sales and fanboy agenda.

In terms of performance, multiplatform games have ran better on X too. So what's your exactly?

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Italiano123456756d ago

No...2018 was just so off the charts. They had 2 bangers that sold massively and sold over 20 mill consoles. So going off 2018 it might seem like it but the answer is no