Japan's best-selling games of November 2019

This week’s issue of Famitsu has shared a listing of the top 30 best-selling games in Japan for the month of November 2019.

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Neonridr272d ago

There was Pokemon.. and then everything else.. lol

Sono421272d ago

I honestly don't think I can call myself a Pokemon fan anymore, at least not of the mainline games. They're just blatant cash grabs, no effort put in whatsoever, yet people still buy, just sad.

My co worker bought it and already tells me that he is surprised at just how little polish the game has, and I tell him I agree which is why I didn't buy it, but then goes on to say it's still an okay game..... okay why are you settling for an OKAY game, for the biggest multimedia franchise in all of history?! You should expect way better than that... and to make things even worse his girlfriend literally just bought him shield for Christmas because she thought it was a different game.... I honestly couldn't believe it when he told me, like yeah I figured kids were tricked into thinking it was an entirely different game, like I was when i was younger... but she's an adult, and she still thought it was an entirely different game... so she bought it for him...

This tactic of releasing two VERY slightly different versions of the same game is honestly the scummiest videogame practice because it is made for this EXACT purpose, tricking uninformed customers, and trying to get you to buy basically the exact same game... TWICE. That is much worse than any lootbox or Microtransaction if you ask me... at least a micro transaction is just that.... micro, in this case if you end up with both, you will be spending another $60 for what is less than $5 worth of content, man it's just such a scam I can't believe they still get away with it.

Tross271d ago

I'm more unhappy that they figured out that they can charge double the price and cut half the dex, and people will still buy it. But you know what? They're apparently bigger than Disney, another company who figured out they can try less and still rake in billions. That's just the way things are nowadays. If you want a better product, you probably shouldn't look to the biggest media companies in the world to provide it anymore.

Thank goodness for all the indie devs who are looking to release some Pokemon-likes in the next year or two that want to celebrate the good points of the formula while taking risks that a massive corporation apparently can't afford to. An MMO-type game sounds kind of neat, as does a game that really expands on the breeding system.

Sono421271d ago

You're absolutely right, personally I am keeping an eye on temtem, I think it looks really promising! Looks like it is what Pokemon should have become years ago, not to mention it has a huge focus on double battles, which I think are much better than singles