Welcome to Den-Den Town, Osaka's Akihabara

Gamertell has posted a feature article about a tech-centric part of Osaka, Japan, called Den-Den Town.

From the article:

"Much like Akihabara, Den-Den Town is chock full of otaku goodness. Just a few years ago, one could actually count the number of video game and figure specialty shops on one hand but now it seems to have experienced a growth explosion.

Den-Den Town (Nipponbashi) is short for Denki no Machi (which means Electric Town in Japanese) and as a place that was once famous for its variety of consumer electronic stores, it has quickly become an otaku paradise to rival the mighty Akihabara. The streets and alleys of Den-Den Town have come to house an influx of maid cafes, video game store and anime/manga related establishments."

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