New Screenshots of GRAW2

Six new Xbox 360 screenshots have been released for Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

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RedSoakedSponge4915d ago

So far i have to say the graphics look amazing. Im just hoping its not exaclty the same as the first. so far so good tho. RSS

theGreat14915d ago

The first one was awesome and if they tweak the game play just bit it should be a big hit for the spring. The graphical updates are just gravy.

OutLaw4915d ago (Edited 4915d ago )

The first GRAW was great on the 360. It gave you that feeling that you were finally playing a next gen game and this one seems to be on that path.

dantesparda4915d ago

You're pretty hot! LOL! But on a more serious note. Yeah, it lookx pretty damn good, I'll be looking forward to it. I really liked the first one.

And p.s. in my usual offensive fashion ;p I think its funny how they've added a spell checker (hint hint)

grifter0244915d ago

This was a pretty cool article espically since this is my first post.. lol The first game was pretty good I liked it ...but once you beat the game (I did as well as on realistic!!) and I got to say it get's a tad repetitive. Hopefully the games a little more repetitive friendly!!

MattyTM4915d ago

this does look AWESOME

hellraiser5014915d ago

I'm still playin the first graw and please give the consoles the first person view option that the PC version of graw had.

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