Epic Games Removing Loot Boxes From Rocket League Sets A Benchmark For The Gaming Industry

Epic Games, acquired Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League earlier this year. While that came as a pretty surprising move, it was a kind of welcome change for the game. However, with that move, the surprises didn't end. Soon after the acquisition, we got to know about the next big thing on the radar for Rocket League, that is, the removal of loot boxes from the game.

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Xaevi59d ago

But didn't they replace loot boxes with something worse? The benchmark is set by the countless games that don't have loot boxes or shady monetization who continue proving that there's no need for them at all. I have nothing against Epic, but their over priced character skins for Fortnite set a horrible standard that too many full priced games have already followed. They're the last company I'd praise for anything related to this subject

fr0sty59d ago

Yeah, now pretty much all prizes are blueprints, which you must buy credits to unlock.

KeenBean34559d ago (Edited 59d ago )

It's funny as a lot of the community has come out and said they preferred the loot boxes as it was overall cheaper. Epic knew exactly what they were doing here but looking into it it's worse than loot boxes.

Better yet, what the hell are loot boxes doing in a game that isn't F2P..

nowitzki200458d ago

lol like a Criminal improving by not robbing people anymore.. Now the criminal only robs banks lol.

Vegamyster59d ago

Before you could get free keys from just playing to open crates, it would make items untradeable but now you don't even have that option now. Like fr0sty said, you basically need to buy items and even after cutting the prices by 50% they're still quite pricey.

isa_scout58d ago

Completely agree, Titanfall 2 was the last great MP experience that didn't need to nickel and dime the player along the way. Any form of monetization in a paid for game is ridiculous, unless you're buying expansion packs or something.

PurpHerbison58d ago

Overpriced skins isn't a big deal. You can still destroy all those noobs that buy them. If you feel left out cause you can't afford them or won't reduce yourself to that level to buy them then whatever. But it doesn't affect gameplay. I personally believe everything should be obtainable in game without real money involved but as long as things arent "p2w" then I can't complain.

Vegamyster57d ago

They removed the better system to gouge the user, it has nothing to do with skill or not being able to afford it.

PurpHerbison56d ago

Nobody is being gouged unless they allow themselves to be. The fact that skins don't actually affect matches in a very competitive game is good, which is the most important thing at the end of the day. Played the game since release and haven't dropped a single penny on it.

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DonDon300059d ago

A true benchmark would be a simple return to sanity. No more loot boxes. Simple.

lelo2play59d ago

Epic should offer Rocket League free on their store in one of their offerings...

Tross58d ago

I think the world will end before Epic Games sets the benchmark for anything, especially considering they replaced Loot Boxes with a worse thing. How much did they pay for this PR spin?

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The story is too old to be commented.