Destiny 3 will “have to wait a little longer”, Bungie says

Destiny 2 isn't done just yet, but it seems Bungie is already thinking about Destiny 3

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TheGamez100331d ago

Hmm really wonder what the future is in store for bungie. Shadowkeep was very underwhelming and overhyped because of them splitting from activision. Very burnt out with destiny now. They should just move on to a new ip. If a d3, then they need major overhaul. D2 was just a worse d1 lol.

luckytrouble331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

They shouldn't have even made a "second" game to begin with considering the game model. It's an MMO (light on the "massive", but still) game that just segments the user base by making the full package into separate entries.

I've played about 400 hours of Destiny 2, but I'm absolutely not going to start from scratch to make the idiots feel better that don't even play the game. A Destiny 3 would prove to me that Bungie is effectively too scared to truly commit to the game model they're using, preferring the start from scratch method of other franchises.

Soulrakk331d ago (Edited 331d ago )

D1 was a better experience that people took for granted. It needed to be continually supported. Instead, they REBOOTED the franchise into a super casual experience with an Overwatch blueprint. Now they're using a Fortnite BattlePass blueprint. At it's core though, the game has been band-aid after band-aid after band-aid. Some of the best & memorable experiences of D1 are non-existent as well. Trials has been gone, Factions are gone. Just to name a few. Stories are completely segmented and convoluted in PVE. The game has lost it's identity with the launch of D2 on how exactly the game is played. They had a special cult following WIth D1 and that quickly died with their decision to reboot the game design as those people found out soon after playing.

The only saving grace is the game is still a fun and GREAT fps shooter mechanically. But outside of it's mechanics it's been a shitshow ever since it launched. I am still one of those people. I've been there since the Alpha and I still play it today. But it's a far cry from what it was and my play time difference between both is very telling of that.

Darkborn331d ago

I played so much destiny one and played since the alpha as well. I quit destiny 2 like a week after launch and could only play about a a week or two after each expansion released. They slowly reworked the game into almost destiny one mechanics, but it's still not there. They literally need to take a break and bring back the wonder of the original destiny and the first few expansions. That was truly epic and I played like 10 hours a day at least. I haven't played since shadow keep and if I were to login now I could barely do a couple hours without uninstalling. They really messed up in my opinion.

AnubisG331d ago

Can't wait for Destiny 3 on PS5. Hopefully it comes soon after the PS5 is released.

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kayoss331d ago

“Destiny 3 have to wait a little longer... because we haven’t finished milking Destiny 2 yet. There are still dumb people out there that we haven’t gotten their money yet.”

Patricko331d ago

Was going to write exact same thing. Shadowkeep is a reskin fest and right now all activities feel like a chore instead of fun stuff to do.

DeadlyFire331d ago

Well they probably believe that the next generation graphics upgrade will be enough to get new players to jump into the series.

darklaw331d ago

I'm sure the next dlc for destiny 2 will be on the dreadnaught. Probably in september. Its the last piece from destiny 1 that they havent exploited.

330d ago
Relientk77331d ago

Destiny came out a year after PS4 and Xbox One were released, so I expect about the same for Destiny 3. So Destiny 3 in 2021.

Sevir331d ago

They said they're is a 5 more additional years of D2 content... So we likely won't see anything of D3 until 2023.

Soulrakk331d ago

Whomever actually believes there is still 5 years of content from D2 needs to be out of a job. Who said that??

Sevir330d ago

@Soulrakk.. Bungie themselves said it in their vidoc announcing Shadowkeep.. what rock have you been sleeping under

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