GameShark: Mirror's Edge Review

GameShark writes: "High above the Orwellian vigilance of the streets, the sun-scarred rooftops reverberate with the rhythmic beating of soft-soled feet. In a city where every phone call is monitored and every email filtered by a privatized government under the guise of the common good, Faith and her fellow Runners are the only safe line of communication for those with the courage to fight. They are rebels, messengers, traversing the most precarious reaches of the metropolis to reclaim a future of freedoms long forgotten."

Whats Hot:
+Inspiring visual design
+Simplistic controls and deep movement
+Time Trials for perfecting your abilities

What's Not:
+Getting shot as soon as you enter a room
+While you're running the rooftops
+Tying your shoe
+About to land a nigh-impossible gap of awesomeness

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