GameShark: Resistance 2 Review

GameShark writes: "Following a daring offensive in the UK, Nathan Hale returns in Resistance 2 to lead a new charge against spreading Chimera forces. Having totally overrun Russia, Europe, and Africa, the Chimera have set to occupy America as refugees stream out of major cities and the US military takes a beating. Only the Sentinels, soldiers infected with the Chimera virus to gain their powers yet inhibited from full conversion, are capable of mounting a counteroffensive to stop the occupation. Through the course of the single player campaign, you put on Hale's boots as he travels across the country in an intense struggle to halt their advances and protect what few people are left."

What's Hot:
+Satisfying combat
+Immensely fun cooperative missions
+Groundbreaking competitive play
+Great new weapons

What's Not:
-Sterile single player campaign
-Major bug with online cooperative play
-Visual inconsistencies

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DaTruth3651d ago

I absolutely have no idea what this online co-op bug is and have not come across such a thing. No lag online multiplayer is the $h1t!!

Nineball21123651d ago

I think they are probably referring to the fact that if you play split-screen co-op, only the owner of the console gets the XP from playing. Both people won't get XP.

pilotpistolpete3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I can't join any party or successfully invite anyone, can't join games, etc. I always time out, and join game never finds a game. I have friends who can do it no problem, but for some reason, my online with resistance is awful. I have the wired 20gb, so that may be the issue (most of my friends have the 40gb).

Ju3651d ago

I had trouble at times, but since a while it works fine. Could be router troubles (?).

Bathyj3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I'm no expert, but it sound like trouble on your end. You said it yourself, your friends get on no worries.

I could be wrong thou. I said I'm no expert.

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jammy_703651d ago

i think this game deserves better....

wats a B anyway y cant they just do out of 100, fooolS!

PimpHandHappy3651d ago

i guess if R2 was 8on8 this dude would have enjoyed himself more

I havnt read many reviews that talk about the hugeness of the online and the speed it runs. Its faster then COD and the weapons are more fun online....saying that i would like a couple different rifles. I do love the shot gun online

co-op is crazy cool. One mission can take 20min if your team is good. The monsters do seem to freeze at times and dont put up much of a fight. BUT when you got a whole group coming at you there is nothing cooler looking in any game anywhere

9/10 by this reviewer

terrandragon3651d ago

I was still looking for a Single-player co-op, but it never came D:

3651d ago
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