GameEnthus Podcast ep397: Advantage Ghost or Bidet Infrastructure

This week Mike (@AssaultSuit), Tiny (@Tiny415) and Aaron (@Ind1fference) talk about: Star Wars Attack of the Clones, Rise of Skywalker, Terminator Dark Fate, Ghostbusters, Solo, Pax Unplugged, Extra Life marathon, Super Punch-Out!!, Shadows of the Empire, John Wick 4, Matrix 4, Bill and Ted, The Expanse, Mike Mika, The Lie that helped build Nintendo, The Story of Super Mario 3, Watchmen, Legion, Doomsday Clock, Crisis on Infinite Earths, Fuse, Sunset Overdrive, MLB The Show, Stadia, Borderlands 3, Jedi Fallen Order, Nippon Marathon, When Ski Lifts Go Wrong, Gang Beasts, Halo Master Chief Collection, Rocket League, Unmatched, Street Fighter Exceed, Horrified, Shikoku, Roll For Adventure, Jaws, Imhotep The Duel, Taverns of Tiefenthal,Evolution, BluDog Games, Coo Games, Super Mario Party, Taiko Drum Master, The Simpsons Arcade game, Tools Up, Capcom Arcade Cabinet, The Game Awards, Sports Story, DS4 back buttons and more.

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