The PS5’s SSD could spell doom for next-gen PC game ports

There's a chance the console's SSD could be a boon to PC gamers, but equally it might mean we're only seen as a last-gen platform

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isarai334d ago

Um... PCs can get SSDs too, in fact if anything this will bring the price down even further on SSDs and increase popularity/use of them bringing them into the realm of standardized. When that happens devs will be pushing things further than ever on PC.

ApocalypseShadow334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Exactly. The same thing happened with things like micro sd cards. They were crazy expensive. I used to sell them and they were mostly used for cameras. When cell phones used cards, the prices dropped considerably. Now you can buy gigs of space smaller than you finger tip for cheap prices. And they've become faster too. Consumers benefited with bigger and better programs they could store on their phones. Cameras stored even higher quality pictures.

When consoles get SSD, it benefits everybody. PC SSDs, external SSDs, laptop SSDs, etc will become faster and cheaper. Consumers will be buying them in droves. They will have faster access to information.

And software design will benefit on consoles and pc's with faster access. Games will change to take advantage of it. And PC gamers will, mostly, no longer say that consoles are holding them back having a closer parity. They weren't anyway as developers could make their games at their fullest on PC if they wanted to. They just didn't. Consoles had nothing to do with it. But if it were true, PC gamers benefit with higher quality games being ported from consoles. And consoles benefit from higher quality PC ports.

It's why articles like these are a waste of time. It will only benefit everyone. PC gamers will switch out their old drives to take advantage of the new games and the lower prices of SSDs. First time I've seen a PC gamer complain about modifying and adapting.

fr0sty333d ago

It won't take long for PC SSD's to catch up, but if this custom "higher speed than any PC part" aspect of the PS5 SSD is true, porting those early games that rely on that speed won't be easy. That said, any third party game that is multiplatform will probably ignore that extra speed anyway.

DVAcme333d ago

Hell, Sony even has a track record of this: the PS2 popularized the DVD as a storage medium, and the PS3 did the same for Blu-Ray. Adoption leads to manufacturing streamlining and efficiency, which leads to lower material and manufacturing costs, which leads to lower prices, which leads to mass distribution.

Neonridr333d ago

@fr0sty - I'll believe it when I see it.

ChrisW333d ago

Sadly, there is a problem with the SSD price coming down... The smartphone market.

SonyWarrior333d ago

logged in just to vote you down.

b163o1333d ago

@ SonyWarrior

Logged in just to upvote..

Nykamari332d ago

b163o1, I logged in to upvote you and laugh 😂

ChrisW332d ago

Sigh... SonyWarrior... Getting your jollies of by playing with your multiple logins again? And you're doing this because of what? Oh, yeah... Because I was "quick to judge" about you playing any games on the Xbox and then told you to go educate yourself about grammar. Riiiiiiiiiiight....

Okay... Have fun!

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FyBy333d ago

Maybe, but devs cant be sure, what configuration you use and where you install game to (ssd or slower and larger conventional drive). On console, there is one configuration (or two with X and Pro) which devs can develop with confidence, that everyone has same machine. I see consoles as a bunch of nice tricks how to make big bang with relatively small amount of money. There are clever solutions, which pc gamers can benefit from also. For example ps4 pro checkerboard 4k rendering is now used by NVIDIA as checkerboard sli rendering. Because it is much better. Indont know if NVIDIA has this idea from Sony but I never saw it before (i know about sli per frame, per half frame and per line, but never heard of checkerboard one). AMD uses storemi cascadelike ram and disk cache technology on desktop. Maybe it will be similar on ps4 too. So something like much better sshd disk.
Im looking forward for it!

OMGitzThatGuy333d ago

You think more SSD being brought and created would bring the price down? SSD prices just came down from a skyrocketing price hike because of factors like smartphones eating through their materials. Prices are only going to go up, there isn't a unlimited amount of resources in this world.

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NovusTerminus334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

You do know that NVMe drives are faster then SSD's and their prices are now affordable, right?

dekke333d ago

Samsung 500GB 970 EVO Plus SSD, M.2 2280, PCIe 3.0 x4, NVMe, 3500/3200 MB/s

i have that its pretty naiiis

CuVe332d ago

Good luck with that 500GB... I have a 2TB Ssd in my PS4 Pro and still not enough for games that I regularly play with friends.

dekke330d ago (Edited 330d ago )


u do know that its on my PC not ps4 cuz there is not slot for NVMe on ps4 ? :D

and i have just regular 1TB HDD on ps4pro and its enuf for me ^^

tontontam0333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

You do know that these devs are targeting the low end pc gamers right?
they are going to lose a lot of potential sales if they make ssds on pc mandatory. they don't want that.

You'd be surprise how many pc elitist wanna be are out there those who only have a gtx 1050 ti and a very slow mechanical hdd, and a 60hz 720p monitor etc. and call themselves pc masterrace, those are the baseline pc gamers devs are targetting.

tontontam0333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

"Sounds like the base ps4"

Yup that's exactly what it is, PC elitist brag about graphics but the truth is the majority of gamers who are keeping pc gaming alive are those who owns low end console level pcs.

RazzerRedux333d ago


"PC elitist brag about graphics but the truth is the majority of gamers who are keeping pc gaming alive are those who owns low end console level pcs."

Not true. According to Steam hardware surveys, the majority of PC gamers on Steam are using hardware much more powerful than the majority of console owners, which is, of course, base PS4 gamers.

ProjectVulcan333d ago (Edited 333d ago )

GTX1050Ti and a 3.5 mechanical drive crushes base PS4 hardware TBF

The GPU is nearly twice as fast and a 1TB 3.5 7200RPM drive is much faster than a 500GB 5400RPM 2.5 format drive inside a PS4.

By the time 30 million people own a PS5 it'll be 2024 and the game will have moved on a long way again for PC, including SSD performance

tontontam0332d ago

"According to Steam hardware surveys, the majority of PC gamers on Steam are using hardware much more powerful than the majority of console owners, which is, of course, base PS4 gamers."

come back again after 4-5 years, those majority only upgraded their system 2-3 years ago, when ps5 is released those pc gamers will be playing on their underpowered systems for quite a while.

RazzerRedux332d ago (Edited 332d ago )

A lot can change in "4-5 years" in the PC world. Not so much with consoles. PC gamers upgrade when they see fit. Console gamers upgrade when Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo tell them to.

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FyBy333d ago

Nvme drives are usually ssds. What you probably meant was that Nvme drives are faster than ahci/sata ones.

mkis007333d ago

How many games have an ssd of any type as a system requirement...only one that I'm aware of. HDD is still the standard on pc. SSD's are still a loading luxury, nothing more. That will change in a hurry, but there will be growing pains.

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