No, Breath of the Wild Is Not Available on PC, Mobile or HoloLens

It's hard to explain how in the world this listing exists

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bovandy336d ago

Apple store has this all the time, I'm not clear why Microsoft would allow this.

Neonridr335d ago

bahaha.. it's almost like they just threw in popular buzz words to show up on searches. Dear god that translation was awful.

Gridknac335d ago

Actually you can play this on pc and run it at [email protected]

Shiken335d ago

Well in order to play it legally you still have to own the game for WiiU soooo....

specialguest335d ago

My cousin owns it on the WiiU, but since he owes me money from 5 years ago I consider myself partial legal owner of a copy of the game

Shiken335d ago


Not exactly how reality work bud lol.

Shiken335d ago

I saw a shit mobile game advertised on facebook once that literally showed gameplay from BotW...

Like I mean really? Out of all the games to use to deceive consumers, you choose one of the biggest and most recognizable IPs in history...and from their most recent game to boot?

That is a special kind of stupid right there.

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