Carrion Preview: You Are the Monster in This Reverse Horror Game | Exophase

Exophase: "Described as a reverse horror game, Carrion is all about death and destruction, and it makes you the reason for both. Granted playing the villain is nothing new for games, Carrion does it in a cool way by making you an amorphous monster, adding a fun sci-fi horror vibe akin to the aforementioned The Thing, and even Alien."

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MWH873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

I'm interested in this (librarian music).

TheSanchezDavid872d ago

The demo was crazy fun. Stoked to see how this turns out!

Smokehouse873d ago

Such a cool looking game.

TheSanchezDavid872d ago

The demo was pretty great. Did you get a chance to check it out?

Smokehouse872d ago

Nope. I’m only going by the trailers I have seen. Its right up my alley though, movies like the thing are some of my favorites.