GameStop's Winter Sale Starts Today; Here Are the Best Deals

GameStop is having a pretty awesome Holiday sale and here are the best deals to check out if you're looking for a late Xmas gift for that special person in your life.

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Unspoken60d ago

Death Stranding is already on sale...and it received so many awards...

Exvalos60d ago

Your point? It's the holidays lots of games are on sale????

Gamehard60d ago

So was Gears 5 and they were already offering it on game pass day 1... Jedi fallen order has been on sale and it came out after death stranding too. It's the season for game sales is all.

greysun12360d ago

Yeah everything’s on sale right now

xXMessiah23Xx60d ago

50/50 on people who liked the game or hated it. Im waiting till it hits for like 25 to 20.

TheRealTedCruz60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I grabbed a handful of copies from the local Redboxes (along with copies of Modern Warfare, Metro, Jedi Fallen and Borderlands) for $25 when they first started discounting them.

Servbot4160d ago

You can get Borderlands 3 for $18 at Redbox if you have one nearby, way better than Gamestop's $30 deal.

greysun12360d ago

My red boxes barely have any games

JBryant061960d ago

Honestly the best thing to use that B2G2 on are first party Switch games.

xXMessiah23Xx60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Nintendo rarely has any good sales on those titles and they retain the most value if you trade them in.

Zhipp60d ago

Yeah, the people who downvoted you obviously don't know how bad Nintendo is about putting their games on sale.

s8anicslayer60d ago

Good luck trying to find a GameStop that has 4 first party switch games used that you want. People keep those games

greysun12360d ago

This is very true. Only the sucky games are used

JBryant061960d ago

Difficult but not impossible. If anything people tend to trade in the cartridge without the case or "manual" which is offputting.

nowitzki200459d ago

Yeah there is 4 gamestops in my area and none had Switch games I wanted.