How PlayStation democratized 3D video games

A quick history lesson on how PlayStation came to be

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_SilverHawk_277d ago

"Twenty-five years ago, PlayStation played an instrumental part in making 3D graphics the industry norm for video games. Sure, it wasn’t the first hardware capable of such things and the industry probably would have gone that way anyway, but PlayStation took the concept from something inaccessible to something mainstream."

Fluttershy77276d ago

I love the ps1 creativity and extensive library, with awesome games way better offer than any console at the time... But the 3D was absolute crap... there's nothing remotely near the smoothness of Mario 64 and even the Saturn arguably handle better the 3D than the PS!

TheColbertinator276d ago

Saturn had some better 3D effects than PS1. However the technical issue for Saturn was the difficulty of developing for it.

PrinceOfMalta276d ago

Crash Team Racing. Tomb Raider 4. Metal Gear Solid. Tekken 3. All games with amazing 3D graphics (for the time), and they all arguably look better than Mario 64.

Besides, the absolute best-looking PS1 games (Final Fantasy, Resident Evil) made use of pre-rendered backgrounds, which was easier to pull off on PS1 thanks to the CD support. That's the reason why FF switched to Sony in the first place.

xX-oldboy-Xx276d ago

Saturn was better at 2D - it couldn't even handle transparencies properly.

And like TheColberinator said - it was a pain to develop for, Saturn - 3 PCB's littered with chips or PS1 - 1 PCB thoughtfully laid out.

Gunstar75276d ago

Sony made the first console that focused primarily on 3d gaming but the industry had been heading in that direction for years. Even the humble megadrive/genesis and snes added 3d accelerator chips to their carts to.prodice games like Starfox and virtua racing.

The real revolution was in the arcades with Namco and Sega leading the charge.

xX-oldboy-Xx276d ago

Namco recognised Arcades were dying and that hardware was expensive - BOOM - System 11 was born. An interchangeable custom PS1 board for arcades.

Gunstar75276d ago

Wasnt saga's equivalent called Naomi?

xX-oldboy-Xx276d ago

Yep - but we're still a tad expensive in comparison to System11. I'm not sure if they were interchangeable, there were a few iterations of Naomi.