Wii U.S. Installed Base Now Leads Xbox 360 by Almost 2 Million

The Wii freight train can't be stopped. The console now has almost a 2 million lead on the 360 and it's installed base is well over double that of PS3.

The Xbox 360 did pretty well for itself in October, selling 371K units following price cuts for all three models. The Wii, however, did far better, selling 803K units and leading the industry to $1.3 billion in sales. Thanks to the Wii sales spike, the Nintendo console now has a U.S. installed base of 13.4 million units compared to the Xbox 360's 11.6 million (despite the fact that Microsoft launched a full year earlier).

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Pennywise3624d ago

Grandmothers all over should be proud of this.

GiantEnemyCrab3624d ago

haha and don't forget soccer moms and infants. I saw some kids playing the Wii at the store, they were throwing their arms around and having a great time but after about 5 minutes the sales clerk came over and told them the controllers weren't actually controlling the game.

This is the kind of "gamer" that the Wii attracts. They are flapping their arms around and even though they were controlling nothing the little characters on screen were moving so they thought they were gaming.

Pennywise3624d ago

LOL - good story Crab. Got a good laugh out of it. Wii is a sad excuse for a console... Nintendo have "sold out" and gone mainstream... Way into mainstream where gaming shouldnt go.

I enjoy all kinds of games, but Wii reminds me of a flash player home console for mini games.

thebudgetgamer3624d ago

but that is insane i remember when people said the wii would bankrupt nintendo talk about eating crow wow


jaysquared3624d ago

The Wii is just unstoppable and the casual gamers are just eating it up! Wow so much for MS and Sony proclaiming that the Wii is just a fad! Although this is bad news for M$ this is even worst news for Sony! Sony owned the gaming world with the PS2 and PS1 and now they are dead last in this console race and from the looks of it is going to stay there with the PS3. Nintendo will take the crown back and M$ will stay in second but is going to sell double the amount of consoles from the original Xbox and the Wii we'll go on and sell over 100 million..

Sarcasm3624d ago

"about 5 minutes the sales clerk came over and told them the controllers weren't actually controlling the game."


Coming from GiantEnemyHater, that's still a pretty hilarious story.

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ChrisGTR13624d ago

this really sucks big time. as you know sony and MS are just in it to make money. they will defenetly take note of this and we might not see anymore of the hardcore consoles anymore.

Pennywise3624d ago

Scary thought. I hope this does not happen.

ChickeyCantor3624d ago

Come on!
Why do people pretend that "core" gaming would go away?
Casual gaming was here already for a long long time( The sims anyone?).

Sony and MS will always push boundaries because it's what they do!

Danja3624d ago

But the Sims is just one of the popular casuals games for the PC...PC is Hardcore..

PS3/360 has a good Balance of both titles..

The Wii has mini games games and the occasional good 1st party games.

ChickeyCantor3623d ago

That got nothing to do with the future of consoles.
MS and SONY will ALWAYS push boundaries. Sony makes new hardware, and MS makes software that needs a certain hardware.

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running rampid3624d ago

i lost all respect for nintendo when they launched the disgraceful wii.

PirateThom3624d ago

I used to be a Nintendo fanboy. I loved Nintendo so much.

The SNES is the pinnacle of console gaming and nothing has ever matched it in terms of sheer awesomeness.

Now, I've always had a Nintendo console, with a Sega console as a back up.

NES - Master System
SNES - Mega Drive

But with the PlayStation, I had Nintendo as back up

PlayStation - N64
PlayStation 2 - GameCube

All the Wii did, was make me take up the 360 as my back up console to the PS3.

Which is a shame, because I've owned every Nintendo console since the SNES on launch (or the Christmas after launch) and the Wii was basically like a knife through the heart to the point I would be there day 1 for a Sony and Microsoft console, but not Nintendo.

Sorry to be overly dramatic, but I'm yet to find something on the Wii that makes me think "wow, that's awesome and could never be done anywhere else".

Sarcasm3624d ago

"Sorry to be overly dramatic, but I'm yet to find something on the Wii that makes me think "wow, that's awesome and could never be done anywhere else"."

No you're not being overly dramatic.

I am 24 years old right now. When my parents purchased me that precious Nintendo Entertainment System when I was a kid. I became a gamer.

Then of course, the SNES and N64. God, those were good times. Although I didn't have a Game cube, It was a good console for it's time. More powerful than a PS2.

The Wii, is completely backwards.

SkyGamer3624d ago

SNES still the best. If sony and MS follow Ninty's path, then I am sure glad that I invested in a gaming pc, whew!

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Gr813624d ago

Is simply remarkable for a console to sell like this. I'm glad too because otherwise our industry wouldn't be thriving as well as it is at the moment. Also I love the comments that attempt to insult Wii owners, it makes them all look like immature punks who are jealous that their console of choice is getting its ass handed to them by the Wii. Gotta love it.

lokiroo4203624d ago

The Wii is hurting the gaming industry with its practice of luring the publlic in with a gimmick of a console and to later sell them game after game that should never see the light of day. Lets be real, theres no games for the Wii, seriously, does anyone actually believe that the wii isnt just a gamecube with bigger discs and a new remote that has half the functionality that you thought it had before you actually played it. Nintendo is keeping the bar low and people accept it, fact is the Wii is a novelty, a fad, fvcking clown shoes if you will. Hardcore gamers should always dictate the gaming market, when crap like the wii is sold the real gamers lose out, fact is wii is still the minority, the 360 and ps3 are the same thing, imagine if another company was helping the push forward.

Voiceofreason3623d ago

The only thing hurting the industry is the ignorance of people like you.. This gen starts and you people are so stupid that you want to try to get others to believe that the hundreds of casual titles on the PS2 never existed. JUst shows how pathetic some kids are and how they do not care to make themselves look stupid as long as someone out there will be new enough to gaming to believe the complete BS you kids keep trying to spew

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