Devil May Cry Mobile release will be in 2020

Devil May Cry Mobile (DMC Mobile) release is finally happening. What will the game be like on the fastest growing platform? Read on to find out!

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UltimateSanto1256d ago

Not sure about this one yet. Did anyone ask for this?

gamer78041256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

Kinda goes against what dmc stands for honestly, unless there are 0 touch controls and game pad required.

roadkillers1256d ago

Haha. This guy is referencing Blizzard when they announced Diablo Mobile.

1-pwnsause-11256d ago

I asked for this.....years ago when they announced it on psp :/

Jon615861256d ago

As long as they keep the microtransactions to a minimum

wwinterj1256d ago

That isn't going to happen.

drizzom1256d ago

What manner of blasphemy is this?

CorndogBurglar1256d ago

"Finally happening"?

As if anyone wanted this? Much less been waiting for it?