Hideo Kojima Spent Christmas Eve Working on the Concept for His Next Project

They say creative never rest for too long, and apparently Hideo Kojima doesn’t seem to be about to take any long break after the completion of Death Stranding.

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lifeisgamesok63d ago

Hideo is such a hard worker. Death Stranding being done in 3 years with a small team is an accomplishment though they did have help

Kojima + horror sounds fantastic

naruga63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Kojima is an extremely talented guy that truly loves videogames (along with success offcourse) as we gamers ...imo he is the last of his kind , that kind of developpers that could concetrate the majority of skills in one person ---> ,director, programmer , writer,art-director , gampley mechanics -designer , graphics-engine designer, play tester, etcetc.....Back in 80-90s this type of all-around -developer was more common (Shinji mikami , miyamoto Sagakuchi , Itagaki, Kenichi Iwao) that s why we had the luck enjoy such legendary gems

lifeisgamesok63d ago

Very well said!!! And great point!

62d ago
SkatterBrain62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Screaming Sinkholes since he cant use Silent Hills
, or Quiet Mountains , Noiseless Humps

Welshy63d ago

Yep, you can say what you like subjectively about how his games actually play, but the sheer hard work and focus that goes into his teams vision is unparalleled. A master of his art form who truly loves his medium and isn't in it for a quick buck.

Fist4achin63d ago

Wow. Definitely dedicated. Merry Christmas!

Majinzo63d ago

Aren’t we all working our hats off. I just hope he makes another action game.

Welshy63d ago

We are, but people are quick to call devs "lazy" these days. Got to give credit where credit is due when they do work hard.

AnubisG63d ago

Given that Japan isn't a Christian country and Christmas isn't that big there, this isn't newsworthy to me.

N4G_allows_fake_news63d ago

Exactly! I came here to post this too, haha!

Tross62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Except Christmas is also a secular holiday, as evidenced by its prevalence among atheists in the West, and although Japan doesn't celebrate Christmas in the same way, there are ways in which they do celebrate it, such as spending time with their significant other, or ordering a big bucket of KFC, or both. Seriously, look it up, it's fascinating how big KFC is over there, especially around Christmastime.

It is true that it's not celebrated in the same way, but it's still a recognized holiday. While it may not be nearly as big as it is in the West, it may also be way more in the spirit of what the holiday is supposed to be about, minus the whole Jesus thing. Aside from the religious angle, Christmas is to my understanding meant to be about togetherness, or at least rest. We don't practice it that way in the West and celebrate rampant consumerism way more than we should, and stress over all sorts of aspects of the holidays that by and large are extraneous details that detract from what the holidays are supposed to be about.

Japan conversely keeps things simple, and I think they're better for it. Kojima here is still working over a holiday. It may not be the holiday to end all holidays like it is here, but he's still making a sacrifice.

franwex62d ago

Strange that KFC is a holiday thing there. I suppose it’s the same way Coke became a Xmas symbol here.

warriors_1362d ago

It is not recognized as a holiday in Japan. They just simply know it exists but has no meaning whatsoever to them.

Everyone I know in Japan, including myself, had to work on Christmas day. Most people don't start their winter holiday until the 28th unless you work for a foreign company.

Kojima working was not a sacrifice. It is the norm.

KwietStorm62d ago

So remove Christmas from the equation and you still find that Kojima is prototyping his next project. Otherwise, all you would be doing is leaving a comment that this isn't newsworthy to you. And that would just be silly.

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The story is too old to be commented.