Gaming Nexus: Baja the Edge of Control Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "With over 100 different sponsors and racing teams involved with Baja the Edge of Control THQ probably made money just buy putting it on store shelves. Which is a good thing too since off road racing video games are a very niche market. So does Baja Edge of Control live up to the expectations of off road racing fans? That depends on how low their expectations are. With games like Dirt being on the market though something tells me this isn't exactly the game that race fans were looking for.

Baja is somewhere in that zone between arcade racer and sim racer. The physics give a lot of leeway as far as acceleration, grip, turning and collisions not to mention the insane ability to climb up steep cliff faces at high speeds. There are some more realistic aspects added to the gameplay. Vehicles suffer in performance and take damage from abuse of the gas pedal and running into things. All cars carry at least one spare tire with them which can replace a flat one if the vehicle is brought to a complete stop. However most of the races in career mode are quick arcade like sprints around a track and all sense of the game being a real off road rally race is lost when your vehicle travels too far from the boundaries of the track and gets reset back on the course by some mystical racing god in the sky (ok the game does it but you get the point) and any game where cacti are indestructible is definitely not a straight up simulation."

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