Eurogamer: Love Preview

Eurogamer writes: "It must be a kind of developmental karma: for every few dozen generic, predictable games that are created, there's always an oddity that crops up. Like a strange pixel in the sky, these esoteric instances snatch our attention and make the world of gaming just a little bit more interesting. In the MMO world this weird singularity is Love, a small-scale MMO being developed by a single person: graphics guru Eskil Steenberg. What's most striking about this project is its distinctly stylised, abstract visual theme. This isn't about realism or even functionality, but rather about artistic endeavour. Steenberg's talent is in both technology and artistic vision, and Love is an MMO that folds into both an intriguing package of graphical innovation, and unusual game design.

The Swedish savant has spent the past two years developing a series of tools and graphical systems that have allowed him to create an absolutely spectacular world for his game. Unlike so many other world-builders out there, he's not relying on map-making cleverness or architectural savvy for his content - he's relying on mathematics. Everything in Love is procedurally generated. That means Steenberg types a few numbers into his tools and they build the world for him. And look at the results speak for themselves (in a smoky, evocative voice)."

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