Fable 2 "Revelation" at GDC in March '07

It seems that the long and painful wait will meet an end in this year's GDC. Lionhead has said today that Peter Molyneux's Fable 2 keynote at GDC in San Francisco will provide a "surprise and a revelation" for those following the sequel's development.

The exact time and date of Molyneux's "Innovations in Fable 2" speech is still TBD, but it will take place at the Conference which runs from 5-9th March, 2007.

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ImTheNumber125728d ago

Lionhead is keeping so much of it a secret. I always forget how fun the original fable was and I look forward to seeing the next one in all it's next-gen glory.

FirstknighT5727d ago

Finally something more than just artwork! I cant wait!