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Insomniac thinks big as Resistance 2 returns exclusively on the Playstation 3. Big, might be understatement as Resistance 2 supports an uncanny amount of players online along with towering enemies that stand over a hundred feet tall. I think the better word for Resistance 2 would be MASSIVE. Resistance 2 is simply massive.

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thor3651d ago


Anyway I learnt recently that this game's split-screen is completely broken -
It runs in 4:3 with black bars either side
You get random disconnects from games/stability is very poor
2nd player doesn't accumulate EXP

So that's going to sour the experience for me a bit. 4:3 aspect ratio I'm really annoyed about - I mean WTF what kind of advantage is it _really_ to have a slightly wider field of view, as compared to being able to watch the other person's screen? It's a tacked on feature as far as I can see so they kept the aspect ratio per-player the same so they didn't have to re-jig it. How can they screw up something so simple so badly?

Parapraxis3651d ago

...these are almost all KNOWN issues that Insomniac is working on patching.

thor3651d ago

I realise that obviously the disconnects are going to be patched.

But they said they DESIGNED(!!!) the game with a 4:3 aspect ratio in split-screen!! That's a JOKE.

doshey3651d ago

ya the split screen does suck

CEO OF N4G3651d ago

Is it just me or has resistance2 gotten to many average scores compared to gears2....

Im not trying to imply any thing here im just saying what i feel!!!

Danja3651d ago

Not attacking you..but if you didn't mean to start nothig then dont come into a R2 post and compare it to Gears 2......

RPG Guy3650d ago

I'm actually (no fanboy reasoning behind it...just check my post history) am far too involved in Halo 3 co-op (again) and Gears of War 2 at the moment over this. Single player is f'n horrible and the co-op is bland. Only thing R2 is worth it for is the competitive, which is crazy as all hell. Love that, but hate it offline.

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doshey3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

its pretty funny how there are 100s of sites that are making reviews for gears 2 and r2 but never hear about them after that, funny aint it

wow disagree monster is attacking run

thor3651d ago

Wait for UK reviews; these will probably more accurately reflect the game. I remember that the original Resistance was rated poorly in the UK press compared to the US press. I can see R2 getting an 8-9 from most UK sites.

doshey3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

well just take a look at the front page, edge gave it a 6/10, maybe uk people are made because they have to wait for it who know but whatever its still a great game

pixelsword3650d ago

...and rescued all of those molested boys.

sak5003651d ago

Bu bu its teh GOTY 08. 100vs100 players, 1080p raytracing cell powered bluray game. Sony and its droid army again overhyped this POS game.

ultimolu3651d ago

You know what?

I played this game, I liked it and I'm gonna keep playing.
Reviews have become jokes these days.

Foxgod3651d ago

i just rode a brumak, it was awesome :D

ultimolu3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

I have you on ignore.
And then I laughed.

Cute, but my comment still stands. :)

Foxgod3651d ago

A Smile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

ThanatosDMC3650d ago

Did you ride the original? Metal Gear Rex then you go head to head against Metal Gear Ray?

Irving3650d ago

"i just rode a brumak, it was awesome :D"

Did it hurt in the beggining? :D

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IQUITN4G3651d ago

The game looks like what it is and that's another fun Insomniac game

The only trouble is that Insomniac can't seem to make anything better than fun games - i prefer intensely fun games.R2's throwing of numbers doesn't magically alter their fun yet tired template design

Ju3651d ago

Its a fun game. True. And I haven't had that much fun in a shooter since, aeh, ... , <scratches head> ... aeh, since, ..., hm, forever.

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