The History of Ninja Gaiden: The Resurrection

In the conclusion to a three part series, CV takes a look at the most recent Ninja Gaiden games, for better and for worse.

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spicelicka1575d ago

They need to make a true sequel to Ninja Gaiden 2, that was the most satisfying combat I've experienced in a hack n slash game.

micdagoat191575d ago

been playing 1&2 on and off since they were released. I usually will play until I get frustrated then take another year off lol. Nver tried 3 or the 4th one even though they are in my backlog.

Domestupidname1575d ago

I tried to go back to Sigma but good god those controls are just insufferable. Couldn't do it.


The Best Hack and Slash Games of All Time on Xbox 360

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darthv72259d ago

....and that's a bad thing how?

343_Guilty_Spark259d ago

If it ain’t on Sony box it’s bad

autobotdan259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

Ninja Gaiden 2 was never multiplat. NG Sigma 2 is a remixed game not the same game at all

darthv72259d ago

Dante's inferno... such a great GoW inspired game. So sad the sequel was canned, it sounded like it was going to be even more epic than the first.

Vits259d ago

Yeap, classic GoW is still better mechanically. But the aesthetics and atmosphere of Dante's Inferno were just top-notch. Shame it never got a PC port, but at the very least is available on modern Xbox.

Juiceid259d ago

This list is ok, but Ninja Gaiden reigns supreme!

GhostScholar259d ago

I just can’t get into the devil may cry series. In my opinion you never feel powerful in those games. The guns are pointless as they only serve to be a flashy part of a combo. DMC was the only one that I could tolerate long enough to beat.

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bunt-custardly457d ago

Nioh games definitely up there at the top alongside Ninja Gaiden BLK.

LoveSpuds456d ago

There is a decent fan base for the Nioh games, but still think they are criminally overlooked and under appreciated.

I just bought the PS5 collection to replay them again with all their DLC, a sweet collection for my games shelf for sure.

deleted456d ago

Yea, those gardens haven't been plowed in over 10 years now though. Imagine if they cultivated it, let it grow again.

Starman69456d ago

Amazing what ya can do with a samurai sword lol 🤣

tehpees3456d ago

The honourable mention though.

TheSenorCheese456d ago

originally it wasn't going to be included because of their take on Samus' character. But the gameplay's actually not bad.

Vits456d ago

Honestly, I don't know if we can even blame them for that take. Nintendo's Sakamoto was credited as the writer and from what we learned later with the Retro Studios interviews for the Prime series, Nintendo apparently never saw Samus as this stoic badass that most of the west imagined her as. Going as far as describing her as "motherly".